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Perks and Mini Open in Shibuya


Perks and Mini Open in Shibuya

by Fiona Killackey
on 24 July 2007

Japanese style-starters take note. The Aussie label P.A.M. (aka Perks and Mini), responsible for injecting art and graphics into fashion since 2000, just opened the doors to their brand new store within the department store Parco in the Shibuya district. A globally-respected cult label, P.A.M. made their unique imprint on the fashion industry by going against the grain. They don't follow trends and they mix up each collection with a range of accessories and "bits 'n' bobs" such as posters, travel cushions and eclectic badges. CH caught up with the Aussie duo to find out a little more about fashion, Japan and outer space.

Why did you pick Parco, Shibuya?
They [Parco] approached us to make a store. P.A.M. has some history with Parco. In 2002 they invited us to have an exhibition in their gallery which was amazing for us as we'd seen some great stuff there like James Jarvis, Rita Ackerman and Mike Mills. That show in 2002 was P.A.M.'s first big art show.

How long had you been planning?
We started planning in January and it opened in March.


What did you have to prepare for when opening a store in Japan that you wouldn't have had to think about with your other store in Australia (Someday in Melbourne)?
There were a lot of rules about what you could and couldn't do [in Japan]. I think that's the nature of department stores worldwide. We also found out that recycled materials in Japan are about four times the price of new stuff…it was crazy!


What did the first customer buy?
Not sure. Maybe a Mike Kelley/P.A.M. Toy.

Best thing in your latest collection?
It's too hard to pick. The new collection "Weather Report" is one of our faves to date, lots of cool stuff and a new level of quality.

If you could open another P.A.M. store anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Outer space.

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