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Preap & Coutts

by Fiona Killackey
on 24 May 2007

Heartfelt, passionate and determined to share their ideas with the world, Australian designer duo Preap & Coutts have created a loyal and ever–expanding fan base of style–starters. "All our clothes are made with love. Everything comes from the heart and soul and love…love…love." Melbourne–based designer duo, Maryna Preap and Maggie Coutts, create for, "the everyday girl who needs to go from work to an exhibition to a rock gig to a cocktail party!" A mixture of vintage and modern, Preap & Coutts fashion is versatile, high-quality and timeless. "We're not trend based" say the duo, "We're style based. We believe in creating your own identity." Preap & Coutts is currently available from the recently–opened Preap & Coutts boutique or email (preap_coutts [at] optusnet [dot] com) for orders.

Preap & Coutts Boutique
113 Getrude Street
Fitzroy, VIC 3065
Melbourne, Australia map

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