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Reebok Pump 2.0

by Josh Rubin
on 10 November 2004

Pump2 Black Detail
Pump2 Black
Pump2 Black Pump

Tonight, 15 years after introducing the Original Pump, Reebok launched the Pump 2.0 running shoe. With a pump mechanism built in to the heel, the foot cradling bladder fills as you begin to run, making this the first-ever automatic custom fit shoe. The idea that you can just slip on the shoe and it tightens itself as needed is pretty exciting. When you're all done, a press to the valve on the heel releases the 5 PSI of pressure. The running shoe is available in a variety of colorways (see pic after the jump), and the new pump will also be built in to ATR Pump basketball shoe.

11/11 Update:
I wore my Pump 2.0 running shoes to the gym this morning and was totally impressed. My foot slid right in to the shoe; it was like putting on a slipper. How could this thing actually provide enough support? As soon as I started moving the shoes began gripping my feet and continued until reaching the perfect snugness. At the end of the workout pressing the release valve let out a deep sight that sounded a lot like me when I get off the tread mill.

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