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Running Dogs

by Ami Kealoha
on 20 March 2007

Aiming to dress the man who never wants to try too hard, the collective Running Dogs was formed by a trio of contrasting creatives: Amsterdam-based Christophe Mollet (previously of Yohji Yamamoto and Martin Margiela), Dutchman Alexander van Slobbe (who formerly designed for Puma) and painter Jean-Pierre Wati. Combining a discreet brand of street-chic with a subtle dose of rock 'n' roll, Running Dogs naturally reflects both aesthetics with simple yet strong pieces, such as laid-back T-shirts worn with smartly tailored jackets.

Though the vibe may be effortless, the technical aspects are anything but. A gray wool sweater with off-center buttons has been hand-knit in Belgium in a heavy gauge, a density that Mollet says, "you just can't get with a machine." Jeans are dyed in Japan with persimmon fruit and air-dried for two weeks for a subdued coppery shade. Considering the adaptability of each piece, Running Dogs is poised to become the modern man's best friend.

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