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The Final 35

by Josh Rubin
on 24 April 2005
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Last Friday night in each of their respective time zones, the 5 main Adidas Originals stores hosted intimate gatherings for each of the 35 local golden ticket holders. This was the moment they would find out which 7 won a pair of the Superstar 35th Anniversary Series Mystery pair number 35. I know, the numbers and their derivatives are a bit confusing.

The way it worked, each of the finalists had a code on their Golden Ticket that they had to dial in to the combination lock on each case. If your case opened, you won.

It was reported that a pair in Hong Kong was on eBay almost immediately, only to be removed when bidding exceeded $4000. We also heard that one of the winners in London shed tears of joy. Here in NYC, Al B (above) was the first winner, unlocking the first case he tried.

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