8 Bit

Anrealage Fall/Winter 2011
by Adele Chan Where most go for increasingly hi-def effects, experimental Japanese designer Kunihiko Morinaga took a deliberately different direction with his label Anrealage, designing the Fall/Winter 2011 line around the concept of low-resolution...
Roddick vs. Pong
  Seen in January during the Australian Open, this American Express ad is back for another round during the US Open. You don't have to be a tennis fan to appreciate Ogilvy's clever combination of live action and animation to show a real...
Magical 8bit Plug
Like digitally adding record scratches, the Magical 8bit Plug is a hi-tech way for producers to add lo-fi sound. Developed by YMCK, a Japanese 8-bit jazz ensemble, the free software works with both Mac- and Windows-based programs to create unique...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: 8-Bit v5: Overview
In the last volume of our 8-bit series we discuss the sampling processes of artists who re-imagine the possibilities of lo-fi technology with New Media Curator, Ashley Colgate. We revisit Mike Rosenthal, Experimental Music Curator at the NYC performance...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: 8-Bit v4: Mark Denardo
For our final 8 bit artist profile, Cool Hunting Video presents Mark Denardo, a musician that incorporates electronic sequences from both his Gameboy and PSP into deeply soulful and original folk songs. Referred to in a Wired Magazine article by...
The International Chiptune Resistance Tour
In Japan currently, the International Chiptune Resistance Tour touches down stateside next week, bringing "lo-bit tactical specialists" Bit Shifter and Nullsleep to North America. The Nintendo-based music makers are rising fast and each...
i am 8-bit book
The wonderful folks at i am 8-bit and Chronicle Books were gracious enough to send a preview copy of this collection of work to me. If I wasn't still living out of my boxes in S.F., I'd be honored to place this on my (currently non existent...
Nullsleep makes music on Gameboys. Exclusively. And it's really good. He performed recently at Monkeytown in Brooklyn, NY and the m ss ng p eces was there to capture it for CH Video. His interview, and excerpts from his performance, comprise the...