P.E Nation's Retro-Inspired Activewear
In a saturated market of activewear—or athleisure—Australia's P.E Nation (officially launching today in the US) had a mean feat ahead of them: to actually stand out. With their bright colors, retro vibes and some non-traditional fabrics and cuts...
Braids: Joni Montreal-based three-piece Braids is making some of the most intricate electronic pop we've heard: take "Joni" where Raphaelle Standell-Preston's voice snaps and stretches, yelps and exhales—setting the pace for the ricochets of synth...
D.R.A.M.: Don't Let D.R.A.M. Be A Hot Boy (Missy Elliott Remix)
Proving once again Missy Elliott's brand of music has literally no sell-by date, Virginia artist D.R.A.M. (aka Shelley Massenburg-Smith) has remixed her sublimely perfect Timbaland-produced "Hot Boyz" (from her 1998 album Da Real World) and taken the...
The Cuba Archive by Tria Giovan
NYC- and Sag Harbor-based photographer Tria Giovan traveled to Cuba 11 times during the severe economic depression of the '90s, snapping over 25,000 images with a sense of urgency. Her photos reveal glimpses of perseverance and enduring spirit in one...
What We're Reading: Music Books
After you've listened to album after album on Spotify, recovered from a weeknight concert, bombasted by music at the local bar, it's sometimes nice to let the ears rest. There's still another way to get your music fix, however—in the form of bound...
Crystal Waters: 100% Pure Love
As a classic throwback and also a fitting track for anybody celebrating NYC Pride Week—which officially begins at Pier 26 with The Pride Kickoff Rally—we're jamming to "100% Pure Love" in the CH office. The 1994 track by house singer Crystal Waters...
Clueless Stickers
Amy Heckerling's Clueless is as heavily referenced now as it was in '95, proving its worth as a timeless coming of age flick. Pay homage to its ever-entertaining script with stickers by Matt Kasin, perfect for popping on a glass pillar candle, notebook...
Cap-Sac Visors
When we first discovered Cap-sac, our dork sides fell in love with their fanny pack hats decked out in retro neon hues. Since then, the company has branched out into hats for kids and actual fanny packs. Looking ahead to summer 2012, the company...