Introducing Volcan De Mi Tierra Tequila
For two and a half years Moët Hennessy has been secretly developing their first-ever tequila. An organization that counts some of the world's most prestigious alcohol brands in its roster—Ruinart, Glenmorangie, Belvedere and more—could have easily...
Viejo Indecente Smokeless Mezcal
You may ask yourself, can a product call itself mezcal if it doesn't contain that signature smokiness? To a certain degree, a question like this harkens back to some people's perception of scotch—where only the peated, smokey iterations are familiar...
A Raicilla Worth Drinking
There's nothing new about raicilla as a product category. The agave spirit has long maintained a cult following in Mexico, for locals and visitors alike. Of late, it's also been coveted by bartenders with an eye for hard-to-get spirits. The only...
Learning the Anatomy of Mezcal with Montelobos
There was once a time when all agave-distilled spirits were called mezcal. Tequila was simply a regionally specific iteration. As much for preservation as it was for marketing purposes, laws were put into place that ultimately made tequila and...
Olmeca Altos Tequila
"The patience is in the fields," explains Olmeca Tequila's master distiller Jesus Hernández on our recent trip to their Jalisco distillery, where we learned firsthand how they produce their Altos tequilas. While the entire process is a genuine labor...