Ai Weiwei

Study of Perspective: The White House, 2017 Skate Decks
In response to the current American government, The Skateroom has collaborated with two political artists—Ai Weiwei and Shepard Fairey—on limited edition skateboard decks. Done in an edition of 666, "Study of Perspective—The White House, 2017" sees...
Hotel Milu, Florence
Florence tends to be synonymous with art, but oftentimes we think of ancient palazzos, classic paintings and iconic sculptures. The city, however also has a vibrant contemporary side, driven by fashion, art and food. Hotel Milu, a new boutique property...
Electric Objects' Pop-Up Shop, SoHo
Anyone who strolls galleries each Thursday or participates in the art fair circuit, is well aware of digital art's expanding presence. As for how many people actually envision digital pieces in their home, that's a different story. When one sees...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. How to Survive Work on Little to No Sleep Eight hours of sleep might be recommended for a good night's rest, but it’s not always possible—especially with work deadlines, late-night partying and nightmares getting in the way. Luckily, scientists...
WAX Poster Art Prints
Art posters have traditionally been the kind of thing picked up in museum gift shops, and are often limited to reproductions of famous paintings by Monet, Picasso, Van Gogh or Warhol. Finding quality prints of more contemporary art has always been...
Huck Magazine: Paddle Against The Flow
Drawing on its decade-long history covering a broad range of counterculture, London-based Huck Magazine recently took stock of the greatest nuggets of wisdom from leading wave-makers who have graced the publication's pages. The result is "Paddle...
Ai Weiwei: @Large
The throng arrived early and in large groups for the first departure of the day to Alcatraz Island from Pier 33 in San Francisco. After ferry-goers disembarked boat, it was clear who was there to see political dissident Ai Weiwei’s new show, @Large...
The First Issue of Puss Puss Magazine, Featuring Ai Weiwei
In a world where the permakitten Lil Bub has her own media empire and Grumpy Cat graces the cover of Time magazine, an annual internet cat video festival attracts tens of thousands of people and Karl Lagerfield's dear Choupette is the face of Shu...
In his fight for freedom of expression, Ai Weiwei's words are his ammunition. And fortunately, the controversial Chinese artist wields intellectual commentary with the voracity of a machine gun. For those who share his sentiments about the synonymity...