ROOST Rittenhouse, Philadelphia
The words "extended stay" gives many the shudders—evoking business trips hiding under the guise of family vacations, memories of a friend's painful divorce process, and pretty generic-looking rooms. But now that rentals like Airbnb have become an attractive...
Interview: Piet Boon Discusses 101 Wall
Sat across from a tiny green space one block from the East River, 101 Wall Street epitomizes the grandeur of lower Manhattan. Erected in 1931, the structure's Art Deco-influences impact the facade—and its series of receding landscaped terraces...
Jutaku: Japanese Houses
With 400+ houses featured across its 500+ pages, Jutaku: Japanese Houses is pretty big—considering its physical size is quite compact. Showcasing the best, strangest and most daring of contemporary Japanese residential architecture with full-color...
Floyd's New Furniture for Urban Living
Last year, Detroit design company Floyd introduced its clever, clamp-on Floyd Leg, which made it possible to create a table out of any flat surface: which took some of the hassle out of relocating. Now, the Floyd Leg’s creators—Kyle Hoff and Alex...
Campaign's Portable Furniture
City residents know that the greatest mental toll of moving isn't always packing up your life into cardboard boxes; it's leaving perfectly good furniture behind—either because it's a hassle or too costly to transport, or it won't survive another...
Wall Mounted Bike Holder
The British-made Cactus Tongue takes its name from the fact that it resembles a giant Saguaro cactus, with curvy arms to hold a bike horizontally or vertically. The powder-coated Zintec steel Cactus Tongue UNI (with weatherproof PVC sleeves to protect...
The Common Pursuit
Created by London-based graphic designer Hannah Woodcock, The Common Pursuit is a new travel site designed to inspire your next holiday. The simple format currently features 72 accommodations varying in location and style, but all are centered around...