Art Direction

Desillusion Magazine Tome III
Though skateboarding and surfing have firm roots in Southern California, the global popularity of skateboarding and surfing continues to desaturate the geographic concentration of each sport's publishing and design centers. In recent years, this...
Horn Please: The Decorated Trucks of India
From the mountainous city of Leh in the north to the palm tree-lined tourist-haven of Kerala in the south, India is a vast nation of rich diversity—whether it's landscape, language, food or even automobiles. The country's intricate and ever-growing...
Études Studio on Crossing Creative Lines
Crossing lines and breaking boundaries is nothing new in the creative community—in fact, it's largely what the industry is built upon. Communications designers become brand engineers, painters design textiles and ceramicists dabble in industrial...
Acid Magazine
To the outside world, surfers may seem like an obsessive bunch. Piling into a station wagon, driving for hours in search of rideable peaks in the depths of winter, shuffling across snow-covered trails in nothing but a few millimeters of neoprene...
Interview: Steven Vogel of Black Lodges
Whether or not you're familiar with the name Steven Vogel, it's more than likely you've ogled his work in one field or another; be it his pioneering music and menswear blog, his expert projects for big shots like Burton and Levi's, or his brazen...
Central Illustration
Reaching the ripe old age of 30 this year, London-based illustration agency Central Illustration is reaching out to American clients with two limited edition screen prints and a brand new US-focused website to represent a host of its illustration...
ARC Magazine
by Kyana Gordon Sips of rum punch, luxurious private villas and postcard-perfect white sand beaches are reasons many vacationers flock to the Caribbean. Holly Bynoe and Nadia Huggins, two ambitious women from the chain of glittering islands known...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Bally Technologies
Slot machines—games of purely random chance—are often seen as mechanical gambling devices and not much more. During a visit to Las Vegas we had the opportunity to dig a little deeper with Bally Technologies' Director of Game Development, Brett Jackson...
Essays on Reality
There's a good chance you have come across Greg Barth's work recently. In the past two years, the Swiss multi-disciplinary art and video director has gotten noticed among enlightened circles, as well as the general public, for his clearly identifiable...