Art Projects

The Thing Quarterly's "ONE LAST THING"
As the saying goes, "all good things must come to an end," and such is the case with 10-year-old conceptual publication The Thing Quarterly, whose final issue is available for pre-order now. The last issue is (aptly) a pair of bookends designed by...
Make and Give: Simple and Modern Crafts to Brighten Every Day
Everybody loves a handmade gift, but crafts can often conjure up ideas of juvenile knicknacks or impossibly intricate frills. "Make and Give" swaps out laborious and uncool-campy for enjoyable and clever in a smartly packaged how-to guide. Authors...
Strange Paradise
The often mind-bending manipulations of objects and images by the talented young artist Charlie Rubin are collected in a new volume, aptly titled "Strange Paradise," in which Rubin displays a balanced knack for photography and its distortion.
Off Piste: Neon Daze and Winter Waves
Four years ago, burnt out on the way mainstream snowboarding was headed, artist and professional snowboarder Corey Smith turned to his Lake Tahoe garage/studio for refuge. Here, he founded Spring Break Snowboards, an art project aimed at bringing...
Art Shanty Projects
Minnesota may be known for ice fishing, but the huts many a grandfather once huddled in have nothing on those created for the Art Shanty Projects, an artist-driven community temporarily located on White Bear Lake, MN. Centered on the idea of repurposing...
Cool Hunting c/o Quarterly Co: Shipment Two
Back in November 2011, we announced our partnership with the subscription service Quarterly Co., which offers users the chance to receive gifts in the mail from a roster of design-minded contributors four times per year. For the second shipment...
Lindzine #2
The 25-year-old actress-singer-jailbird Lindsay Lohan has attracted as much publicity off-screen as she has for her roles in slasher films and family comedies alike. The hijinks that have led her in and out of rehab centers and through the criminal...
Binic by Ionna Vautrin
Exactly one year ago, Foscarini launched the Binic, a charming little lamp by French designer Ionna Vautrin. With an overarching nautical theme, the name comes from a small lighthouse on the coast of Vautrin's hometown of Brittany, France and the...
The Dumpster Project
Like a young, curious boy trapped in a grown man's body, collagist, animator, director and all-around creative renaissance man Mac Premo has collected a lifetime's worth of somehow-sentimental objects in his Brooklyn Studio. Now, spurred by the...
The Bay Lights
With the rest of the country gathering for scattered tree-lighting ceremonies, Leo Villareal has been busy trying to illuminate another iconic structure: the San Francisco Bay Bridge. Villareal envisions covering the northern expanse of the bridge...
Hokusai Manga
One of the best-known artists of the Edo period and famous for his ukiyo-e series 36 Views of Mount Fuji, which includes his ubiquitous wave print, Katsushika Hokusai greatly influenced artists from Monet and the Impressionists to Picasso. Hokusai...
Mark Allen
Sponsored content: Catering to "overambitious amateur enthusiasts," Machine Project conjures up an idiosyncratic fusion of classes and workshops that masterfully craft pedagogy out of the infinite realm of possibility. Hosting a range of workshops...
Nick Veasey for The Macallan
Shooting with an X-ray machine rather than with a traditional camera, British photographer Nick Veasey produces surprising, visually enchanting work that begs the observer to think about what's under the surface. With more than twenty years of experimental...
The young Treviso, Italy-based company Homecode puts a twist on traditional design with its latest project, Hollo. The basic solid cabinets feature removable modular front doors that come in a wide variety of designs. Simply pop them off their hinges...
Cool Hunting c/o Quarterly Co.
You might have already read about how impressed we were with Quarterly Co., a new subscription service offering gifts hand-selected by a unique roster of influential contributors. Well, now it's our turn—opening today at 12 p.m. PST, the...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: The Maze
While recently exploring the southern coast of the Golden State we ended up in the Los Angeles neighborhood of El Sereno where artist Albert Reyes gave us a behind-the-scenes look at his yearly Halloween project. Since 2004 Reyes has built a Halloween...
Corpse Corps Boards
Inspired by the gritty streets of NYC and the raw style borne from them, Corpse Corps Boards makes coffin-shaped skateboards fit for the cutthroat mentality of East Coast skating. Founders and lifelong skateboarders Drew McKenzie and Jordan Walczak...
The Minotaur
As a follow-up to the extraordinary Hell’s Half Acre, Steve Lazarides and his merry band of radical street artists have teamed up with KP Kofler’s Pret A Diner dining experience to create The Minotaur. Set once again in the dark depths...
The Bigfoot Project
Boasting a variety of talent across multiple mediums including painting, sculpture, photography, music and video, Bruno Levy's work has been exhibited in some of the America's most influential museums, from the Guggenheim to the SFMOMA. The Paris...
Sandy Hill's book Mountain is a meditation on what many consider the last real frontier. A lifelong mountaineer, Hill's experience—she was among the first to climb the highest peaks on all seven continents—makes for an insightful look...
Shea Hembrey: 100 Artists
After attending a massive biennial, contemporary artist Shea Hembrey found himself dissatisfied with the work presented there. In response he decided to host his own biennial called "Seek." Originally planning to seek out a selection of artists...
Oren Eliav
Hollow-eyed portraits, glittering ornamentation and cavernous architecture haunt the canvasses of Israeli painter Oren Eliav. The Rappaport Prize-winner's otherworldly imagery creates tension between doubt and faith, exploring the historical implications...
Mark di Suvero at Governors Island
There's no experience quite like wandering among the massive outdoor installations at Storm King Art Center, recognized as one of the world's leading sculpture parks for fifty years. Now, with a spectacular Mark di Suvero show, the institution's...
For the last few years artist Cathy McClure has been applying her background in metal design to her obsession with mechanical toys in a variety of shows around the country. McClure's process, centralized around taking different motorized children...
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