Artist Designed

Misaki Kawai for Paddle8
The childlike work of Japanese artist Misaki Kawai shuns expertise, embracing "heta-uma", an anime-derived method that risks amateur aesthetics by embracing basic expression. Her approach provides a nice parallel to the world of squirming tikes...
SymbiosisO: Voxel
A bright blue interactive installation has taken over the walls of Issey Miyake's Tribeca storefront. Composed of grids of hexagonal pads or "voxels", Symbiosis0: Voxel responds to body heat or "artifacts" left by users who touch its textile surface...
The Aleatoric Series
From the record label-meets-art house Ghostly International comes a collaboration between abstract artists Michael Cina and Matt Shlian. The limited edition series contains works on paper that bring together the divergent styles of the two artists...
by Maj Hartov Graphic design heavyweight Paula Scher's new book Maps covers her cartographic artwork since the late 1990s. She calls her large-scale paintings "distortions of reality," as they comment on our world of information overload in a deeply...
Big Red
Solitary Arts' first and most popular skateboard to date, Big Red, is now available for a very limited time as a standalone deck. The board, inspired by a thrift store find in San Francisco years ago, mimics the plastic banana board cruisers of...
Stormie Mills
Using everything from street walls to hundred-dollar bills and dresser drawers, Australian graffiti artist Stormie Mills has been exploring themes of urban decay since 1984. Characters, rendered predominantly in greyscale, evoke a sense of loneliness...
Threadless Scout Books
Another clever idea from the minds behind the crowd-sourced t-shirt phenomenon, Threadless has teamed up with Scout Books to create a run of handcrafted notebooks made from 100% recycled paper and printed with vegetable ink in Portland, OR. The...
Why Patterns
On a black stage a singular ping-pong ball triggers four dancers, followed by thousands more balls dropping, rolling and flooding the scene in controlled chaos. This is "Why Patterns." Making its U.S. debut next week, the performance piece is a collaboration...
Maharam Digital Projects at VitraHaus
New York interior textile supplier Maharam recently continued its foray into digital design with the newest edition of Maharam Digital Projects opening last month to coincide with Art Basel. The digitally-printed wallpaper patterns are installed...