Bike Accessories

The Wheelhouse, Downtown Los Angeles
Tami and Chase Spenst wanted to build a one-stop shop for the everyday bicycle rider. After finding a space in the heart of Los Angeles' creative community, they designed a warm and approachable indoor/outdoor space (with a service center and coffee...
Smart U-Lock
After the success of their smart padlock, Utah-based FŪZ Designs created a rugged, easy-on-the-eyes U-lock version for users to easily lock, track and share access to their bike with just a phone tap—thanks to a Bluetooth Smart connection. Should your...
Pingbell Brings the Traditional Bike Bell To Present Day
In bike-friendly cities, more often than not, one's ride is stored in a sea of other bikes, or in the closest place available—which might not be the easiest to remember. One year ago, Amsterdam-based studio FROLIC proposed a simple solution: a...
Summer Bike Accessories
There's no better way to spend the dog days of summer than riding your two-wheeler around town. Regardless of your destination—be it the local park, the beach, a yoga studio or a friend's apartment—we've found some super-useful products that don't...
Porter Handlebar Bag
Whether you’re biking through city streets or in the countryside, the Porter Handlebar Bag by Tanner Goods is the perfect compact size to keep your necessities safe while you ride. With two double-ring leather straps, this waxed canvas handlebar bag...
Fuga Bike Helmet
Closca won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award this year with its Fuga helmet. Not only is the Fuga safety-certified in Europe, Canada and the States, the helmet is super-convenient. The thin-shell design folds down—reducing its own space by 50%—meaning...
Bookman Curve Front Bike Light
Founded by a group of friends drawn together by a pure passion for cycling, Stockholm-based Bookman has become a key player in the bike accessories market since their first products hit shelves three years ago. From sleek, utility-focused USB-rechargeable...
Nokē Smart U-Lock
No matter how structurally sound one's bike lock is, there's always the sneaking suspicion that somewhere a thief's bolt-cutters are equally capable. As home lock systems become connected, smarter and thus better at their job of protecting, so too...
Meet Sombra, the Lampshade for Bike Lights
Visibility on the bike is an essential part of staying safe on the road. Recent years have seen innovations in both apparel and lights that make being seen easier. While the lumen output has increased, many bike tail light designs still funnel beams...
Indoor Cycling Meets Entertainment with Zwift
Whether it's the dropping of temperatures, shortening of days or just plain lack of free-time, hitting the road for a lengthy ride isn't always in the cards. While indoor trainers for stationary riding continue to advance, giving cyclists more detailed...
ICEdot: Helmet Crash Sensor
The unfortunate truth about cycling is that, at some point, you're going to crash. Try as you might with bike handling skills, heightened road awareness or just plain defensive riding, it's unfortunately bound to happen. And when it does, you'll...
Wooden Bicycle Grips from Nisnas Industries
If you're lucky, a solid commuter bike will last decades. A steel frame never goes out of style and a well-maintained machine can be passed down the next generation with few replaced parts. The sustainably minded team at Nisnas Industries is making...
Studio Visit: Inkwell Helmets
Danielle Baskin first popped up on our radar as the artist who was painting the easily recognizable (and for those from the Northwest, iconic) PDX airport carpet patterns onto bike helmets. Evidently, she paints a lot more than that (though these...
Bike Seat Covers
A small company embodying the trademark phrase "Made in Italy," Pijama is the work of Monica Battistella (fashion and web designer) and Sergio Gobbi (deejay and architect). The duo—who typically apply their penchant for textiles to a range of soft...
Closca's Collapsible Bike Helmet
What deters many from strapping on a helmet before biking to the grocery store or utilizing a city's bike-share program is oftentimes the burden of carrying around the bulky (but potentially life-saving) accessory after the bike is parked. Here...
Bookman Cup Holder
With spring on the way in the Northern Hemisphere, bicycles are beginning to be dusted off after their long hibernation; and to coincide, Stockholm-based Bookman has developed the logically named Cup Holder—a simple and attractive way to help city...
The Crate by Fietsklik
No one knows how to live on two-wheels quite like the Dutch. The lowland nation is home to some of the most extensive cycling infrastructure as well as some of the highest rates of bike commuters in the world. And now thanks to Amsterdam-based Fietsklik...
Ass Savers
It's no secret that cyclists are particularly sensitive to the aesthetics of their rides—whether it's a tried and true steel frame commuter or a state-of-the-art carbon fiber racer—yet adding anything to distract from the bike's original form is...
Bicycle Mirror
A typical bicycle mirror can be quite boring. Luckily, creative bike accessory line, Charly, a name which means bicycle in Japanese, have created a whimsical array of bicycle mirrors that easily affix to your handlebars. Great for children and adults...
Matte Helmets
Canadian helmet company Sahn is about riding, not racing. And whether you're riding waves, streets or slopes, you can look good doing it—even as a rookie. Most importantly, keep protected city ventures with a Sahn helmet, "for those who may or may...
Lucetta Magnetic Bike Lights
While many brands have begun to offer attractive bicycle lights in recent years, few offer the ease of use that Lucetta does. Designed by Helsinki-based Emanuele Pizzolorusso for Italian design company Palomar, Lucetta is a set of small LED lights...
Lever+ Bike Tool by Townie Syndicate
When it comes to road cycling, every extra ounce you can avoid carrying will be beneficial in the long run. With this in mind, Kansas City, MO-based Townie Syndicate designed the basic Lever+ bike tool. Composed of a composite tire-lever, two L...
Bookman USB Bike Lights
Bookman's extremely small, user-friendly bike lights are a go-to accessory for design-driven cyclists looking to ride safe while avoiding bulky add-ons. But when the tiny batteries powering the LED lights die, they can be a hassle to replace. To...