Bike Design

Bike Gear for Rainy Days
The old Swedish saying goes that there’s no bad weather, just bad clothes—but the dampness and chill of a Pacific Northwestern autumn can make many a devoted cyclist hang their bike up in the garage until spring. That said, a few carefully chosen items...
Genesis Bikes' Carbon Zero
If there's one thing UK-based Genesis Bikes knows, it's humility. The brand makes no mistakes about its place in the bike industry. They describe themselves as not the biggest, not the oldest, not the most technically advanced, but always striving...
Wooden Bicycle Grips from Nisnas Industries
If you're lucky, a solid commuter bike will last decades. A steel frame never goes out of style and a well-maintained machine can be passed down the next generation with few replaced parts. The sustainably minded team at Nisnas Industries is making...
Oregon Manifest: INDUSTRY's Solid Bike
by Hunter Hess Getting people to ride a bike as a part of an urban lifestyle has been a major challenge for the cycling community. To overcome this reluctance, as well as drive innovative design, the Oregon Manifest was established as a showcase...
Giro Empire SLX
With the Tour de France under way and road riding season in full swing, there's no better time to geek out over the latest technical cycling gear. Helmet and accessories maven Giro has been shaking things up in their design department recently. Following...
Utility Cruisers by Prana Cycles
by Kate Beard The inspiration to create a new company can come from many places. For Adriano Galardi and Richard Eastoe, it was a mutual love of cycling and visual design that turned their nebulous idea of creating an affordable but aesthetically...