Summersalt's Affordable, Eco-Friendly Swimwear
by Sun Bak For those of us in the northern hemisphere, summer seems to not be letting go of its unsettling grip—with an unusually extended warmer weather. But even when autumn makes its grand entrance soon, it doesn't mean you won't be donning...
Bower Swimwear Resort 2016
It's no secret that we at CH lean toward minimalist swimwear (and lingerie) with bold cuts and colors—the pieces that instill confidence, rather than stripping it away. One such label that caught our eye is the year-old Bower, founded by Fiona...
Bow Waist Bikini
Brisbane-based SOOT (founded and designed by Edwina Sinclair) makes apparel that's—at the same time—sophisticated and tongue-in-cheek. Their Bow Waist bikini is made up of a basic high-waisted pant and tank-style top, but its nuance and flair is in...
Postcard Swimwear
While there's an almost overwhelming selection of swimwear available, the search for the perfect suit often ends in lukewarm feelings. Sydney-based Postcard Swimwear offers a different kind of service: custom pieces that are designed using artwork...
Under $100 Swimsuit Essentials from Bikyni
The search for a simple, versatile swimsuit seems to be a migraine-inducing event that comes back more fiercely every year. A new online-only brand Bikyni hopes to make the experience as pleasant as booking a sweet summer weekend getaway. Launching...
Custom-Made Acuarela Swimwear
We first met surfer and Acuarela Swimwear founder Linzy Smith on a choppy day on the Pacific side of the Baja coast. After an eventful session, she sat down on her towel and got to work sewing swimsuits while surrounded by other female surfers. This...