Oophaga Vicentei x Oophaga Pumilio
As Stockholm's art and design schools prepare to open their doors for annual graduation shows, there are already ripples of exciting suggesting that this year holds many delights for the viewer. Last year the city was outraged at the work of Konstfack...
Magic Bean Word Sprout
The Magic Bean is a little sprouting plant that has a message. In this case it's "I Love You," but if you're willing to buy 5,000 or more you can have any message you want on the plant and any design on the can. For those in to...
Another prototype from Promise Design, Phytoslim is a modular system for growing plants on walls. Its slim panels are made of coconut fibers and supported by a hidden plastic skeleton. The 2"-thick pieces supposedly attach to any surface, indoor...
Canned Goods
If you're cramped in tight quarters and haven't much of a green thumb, Flowers In A Can provides a convenient solution for brightening up your home or office. A perfect companion to Uncommon Goods.
A radical evolution from the spit handshake or blood brothers ritual, Biojewlery uses lab grown human bone tissue as a design material. Their intention is to have nuptial rings created from the bone tissue of both people to be wed. Now that the Modern...
Plant Partner
To love plants does not necessarily mean you know how to take care of them. Dr. Frog is here to help. Just place the little guy in the soil of your plant and he'll ribbit whenever the plant needs water. He even knows when it's night time (through...
ripeSense sensor changes color by reacting to the aroma released by fruits as they ripen. The ripeSense packaging protects the fruit while in transit—and there is no longer a need for shoppers to squeeze and feel ‘is it ripe yet’...
Squeeze Me
Squeeze Me, by Enablearts, is designed for children who are experiencing stress related to dealing with a challenging medical condition. The device is a squishy toy that detects certain bio-readings and responds to change with visual feedback using...
Ident Technology's Skinplex uses human touch for data transmission. You wear a small identifier anywhere on you and when you touch something that has a corresponding receiver, the signal is transmitted. This technology can be used to replace a...
While developing a new water repellant coating for solar cells, Cambridge University PhD student Ghim Wei Ho generated these phenomenal microscopic organisms. If you're brainy enough to follow, here's how he does it: [ he ] passes a methane...