Uncommon Cases
Using an on-demand digital printing process Uncommon, which launched today, enables unlimited possibilities for customizing device cases. The process, branded 3D TATTâ„¢ (Thermo-Active Transdermal Technology), is a sublimation technique...
Blackberry Storm
The Storm is BlackBerry's much-heralded first foray into touchscreen smartphones. When it hit the market earlier this week, it entered a field of touchscreen phones like the T-Mobile G1 and the gold standard Apple iPhone. It was developed by...
Pearly White
Taking yet another large step away from its boring corporate heritage, Blackberry is now offering the handy little Pearl in white. Appropriately colored considering the name, the white Pearl is now available exclusively on T-Mobile for a new, low...
Simulscribe is a voicemail service that transcribes your messages and sends them to you in an email. It's one of those really simple, super convenient solutions that is especially helpful in situations where you can't pick up the phone to...
Blackberry Pearl
If you've been reading CH for a while you know I'm rather fickle when it comes to mobile phones. I'm always looking for the right combination of form, features and usability. Well, there's a new phone du jour—the Blackberry...
Gadgets from the Lasarium
Over the weekend Jeff Staple posted a few gadgets recently tricked out at the Nike Lasarium. Don't go getting your hopes up, the Lasarium is a room on the Nike campus in Oregon where they do all their laser work—it's not open to the...
Caffeine Finder
Everyone knows there's a significant overlap between the information junkies and caffeine cravers. To assist the mobility of this hyper set, Grey Stripe has created the Caffeine Finder for BlackBerry users. With over 45,000 U.S. locations mapped...
Blackberry 7100t: First Impressions
I'm that guy that has a new cell phone every couple months-- constantly trying to find one that I love from top to bottom, and I'm hard to please. I just swapped from a Treo600 to a Blackberry 7100t after an enticing set of deals. My first...
Siemens SK65
Siemens just announced the SK65 tri-band GSM phone. The h-o-t-t-o-g-o design features a swivel out qwerty keypad for text entry. As great as this thing looks, I wonder what it will be like to hold while texting-- it could be kind of awkward. You corporate...