British Columbia

All-Women Ice-Climbing Camp, BC
Sarah Hueniken is one of the strongest ice- and mixed-climbers in the world (regardless of gender) and while she does spend time competing, the majority of her year is dedicated to guiding and teaching the sport. She leads private trips for ice-, rock...
Paragliding, Cat- and Heli-Skiing at Revelstoke, British Columbia
Revelstoke Mountain Resort in British Columbia has the longest vertical descent in North America—set atop Mt MacKenzie in the Selkirk Range. With views overlooking the stunning Monashee Mountains and the Columbia River Valley, Revelstoke is part of...
30,000 Acres of Backcountry Terrain at Sol Mountain Lodge, British Columbia
by Sasha Barkans Ask any skier or snowboarder what their dream day would look like and their answers will be remarkably similar: deep untracked snow, no lift lines, and diverse terrain. The hunt for the aforementioned conditions and features is...
Heli-Hiking With Canadian Mountain Holidays
While the glorious Bugaboos popping from the Purcell Mountains in British Columbia may hide in a snowstorm or retreat coyly behind clouds, the vista here is consistently awe-inspiring—and certainly Instagram-worthy. When hiking with Canadian Mountain...
A Multifunctional, Blue-Stained Wooden Bike Rack
ICYMI: a pine beetle epidemic has attacked more than 44 million acres of pine trees in British Columbia over the past 15 years—with warmer temperatures aiding the population to grow and spread far beyond its typical reach. Not only do the beetles...
32,000 Acres of Backcountry Terrain at Baldface Lodge
Tucked away deep in the Southern Selkirks amid British Columbia's myriad mountain ranges that stack up like a line of dominos across the province, Baldface Lodge is the epitome of an epic destination. On a clear day, it's a short but breathtaking...
Line Skis Magnum Opus
Ski design and construction innovation continues to give riders the potential to push the sport forward in ways that would have early pioneers stopped in their leather boots. While advancements have occurred across all categories, perhaps the greatest...
Word of Mouth: Kelowna
Situated along the pristine waters of Okanagan Lake at the foot of a range of mountains is the city of Kelowna, a microcosm of all that British Columbia's agriculturally rich Okanagan Valley has to offer. The region is considered to be Canada's answer...
Word of Mouth: Vancouver
The Great White North isn't all pond hockey and maple syrup—Canada's west coast province of British Columbia holds its own unique identity to the rest of the country and indeed the world. Drawing on influences from home and abroad, the country's largest...