Buenos Aires

Five Art + Design Destinations in Buenos Aires
Many emerging design capitals have vied for the fleeting attention of the art world in the past decade. Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Berlin and others have all sought the position, with various degrees of success. Buenos Aires, the bustling...
Word of Mouth: Buenos Aires
An undeniable magnificence envelops Buenos Aires, Argentina. Beyond the amiable weather, there's an energy buzzing through the South American city and its residents. Modern, cosmopolitan neighborhoods yield to historic pockets—announcing the many periods...
Casa Cavia, Buenos Aires
by Caroline Kinneberg Lupe García—the creative director of recently opened Casa Cavia in Buenos Aires—is following in her parents' footsteps. Her father opened La Panaderia de Pablo restaurant, while her mother founded Ampersand—a publishing house...
The Oasis Clubhouse
With both attuned expats and locals on the ground, boutique hospitality company Oasis Collections is doing the necessary footwork to create a highly selective portfolio of attractive properties around South America. The Airbnb-like service evolved...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Manuel Ameztoy
For the final video from our adventures in Buenos Aires we visit the studio of the fantastic visual artist Manuel Ameztoy. Ameztoy works exclusively with paper cut-outs, creating fragile installations on an epic scale. We caught up with him the day...
Cool Hunting Video Presents: Faena Arts Center
For our latest video we took a trip down to Buenos Aires to see the second exhibition of the new Faena Arts Center. We spoke with the center's executive director, Ximena Caminos, about the need for freedom in art, the opportunities the center has...
Confronted with a collection of '60s and '70s furniture that he'd amassed over three decades, Marcelo Joulia decided to open a restaurant. The French-Argentinean architect set up shop in the first floor of the building that houses the Buenos Aires...
Base-V: Box 3 Art Prints
Kicking any hint of soccer rivalry far aside, Sao Paulo's Base-V art collective got together with their compatriots south of the border to release a super-limited-edition set of 25 color prints showcasing São Paulo and Buenos Aires artists...
Muto: An Ambiguous Animation Painted on Public Walls
Blu has created one of the most incredible stop-motion animations I've seen. Painted on walls in Buenos Aires and Baden over this past winter, the piece features a black-and-white creature that morphs into various blobby forms. Starting off...
What's Up Buenos Aires?
We've been enjoying Whats Up Buenos Aires? for a little while now and the editorials and hot list have become a must-have resource for those eager to experience the vibrancy of "South America's answer to Paris."
Refinery29: Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires
On the surface, the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Palermo Soho bears a striking resemblance to its New York and London counterparts. But beneath the ever-expanding roster of boutiques, the sidewalk cafes, and the trendy eateries, beats a distinctively...
i-D Brick
Celebrating their 25th year in print, i-D Magazine teamed up with Argentine designer Alejandro Sarmiento and the Malba, Buenos Aires' modern art museum, to create this storage container for i-D back issues. The "i-D Brick" features a...
Bruce Reads
In Spanish, the word 'lee' is the third person conjugated form of the verb 'to read'. This witty pop culture double meaning is from Frank Lourenço, an extravagant t-shirt designer based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The...