Bulgari Octo

Bulgari Octo Maserati Chronograph
This year innovative Italian automaker Maserati celebrates 100 years and coincidentally, fellow Italian Bulgari are commemorating 130 years of advanced watchmaking. The iconic brands' simultaneous anniversaries have led to the launch a fancy collaboration...
The Bulgari Octo: Master Watchmakers
Impressed by the stunning, geometric design of the Bulgari Octo, we've taken time to explore its inspirations and shed light on a watch that steps beyond the traditional. To bolster our knowledge of the timeless architectural structure applied...
The Bulgari Octo: Il Duomo, Florence
The next stop in our ongoing series with Bulgari is in celebration of the designs that inspired their Octo watch line, which happens to be one of the most globally recognizable basilicas: Florence, Italy's The Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore—more...
The Bulgari Octo: Terme di Caracalla
Continuing our ongoing series with Bulgari, in celebration of the designs that inspired their Octo watch line, we've delved into the past, present and future of Rome's Terme di Caracalla. This great structure, built around 212 AD, was reborn as a...
The Bulgari Octo
With an invocation of one of design's most historic geometric shapes, Bulgari's Octo men's watch line reinvents classic, colossal beauty. Their iconic double bezel lays the purity of a circle, atop the faceted structure of an octagon. The resulting...