WATG + Wimberly Interiors Host The Great Architectural Bake-Off
It's Archtober—NYC's annual celebration of architecture—and this week held the second annual installment of one of our favorite design competitions: WATG + Wimberly Interiors' Great Architectural Bake-Off. Last year we were on hand to judge; this year...
WATG's Great Architectural Bake-Off
We're in the midst of Archtober—NYC's sixth annual month-long celebration of architecture and design, complete with innovative programming and activities. To honor the month in a clever, tasty way, hospitality architectural firm WATG and their design...
Pasteleria Ideal
Allow a few minutes for a spin through another one of Mexico City's unique establishments, Pasteleria Ideal. Originally built in 1927, this two-story bakery borderlines on ridiculous with its towering quinceañera cakes, thematic jelly treats and layers...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. Past Presidents' Go-To Drinks Our Founding Fathers really knew their way around booze, and thanks to Brian Abram’s new book “Party Like a President,” you can now make the same concoctions George Washington and Ulysses S Grant were sipping. Vanity...
Coffeecake Connection
A cup of coffee and a sweet treat is one of life's simple pleasures—and even more so when our gluten-free friends can join in on the fun. The preservative-free and optionally gluten-free classic treats from Coffeecake Connection are the perfect...
Crumb de la Crumb
Crumb de la Crumb owner and cake artist Lorie Burcham aims to create sweet treats that look as special as they taste. From fire trucks to snowmen, pirate ships and princess tiaras, these cakes are artworks to behold. Burcham uses fresh ingredients...
Guns and Ecstasy by Scott Hove
Between wedding cakes bursting with fangs and icing-piped assault rifles, it's not hard to see why the art of Scott Hove has gained such a strong following. A new exhibition and installation at Spoke Art in San Francisco called "Guns and Ecstasy...