Camera Bags

DSPTCH Camera Ruckpack
Traveling with a camera often means employing a bag that keeps it at the ready. From SF's DSPTCH comes the Camera Ruckpack, the brand's first backpack designed specifically for the organization and accessibility of all your photographic tools...
ONA's Sleek Camera and Laptop Bags
It's very easy to look and feel weighed down when carrying around cameras, multiple lenses, or even a laptop. To combat this, NYC's ONA began producing simple and stylish bags, with functionality at the forefront. With a similar aesthetic to that...
r180° Panorama Camera Backpack
Great design solves problems. For wandering photographers—whether hiking in the mountains or exploring a new city on foot—the on-again-off-again issue of accessing camera gear from backpacks always lingers. California-based Mindshift Gear caught...
The Roamographer by HoldFast
Camera bags often call to mind cheap nylon, regrettable color choices and logos that look like something from a forgotten Windows '98 software suite. Luckily over the past few years camera accessories have gone the way of craftsmanship, with quality...
Perspectiv Daypack by Thule
From roof racks to bike bags, Thule knows how to schlepp in style. If it needs to be hauled, lugged or carried, there's a good chance that the Swedish company has a solution to get your gear from the garage to the great outdoors. Their latest release...
Chrome Niko Camera Bag
Since 1995 Chrome has been making sturdy, purposeful bags in San Francisco to feed the needs of the discerning cycling community. While their product line has grown the brand keeps its integrity intact by never compromising with materials nor construction...
Waxwear Rangertan Camera Bag
When approached by Moore and Giles to create a camera bag, photographer Rick Lew didn't deliberate. "I had a tote from Moore and Giles for about a year before I got involved in this project. I really loved its functionality and the way it was wearing...
Brenthaven BX2 Camera Cases
Brenthaven, a leader in hardcore casing for laptops and devices, recently made the jump to camera bags in a collection that continues their focus on providing the best protection possible. The complete collection includes a lens case, holster, waist...
Langly Camera Bags
Any design-minded photographer would agree that when it comes to camera bags, there's often an unfortunate gap between form and function. On one end you have the ultra tech-centric box bags worthy of space travel and on the other, more stylish...