Pottery with Personality from Asheville's East Fork
"In Asheville, you can throw a rock in any direction and hit a potter," says Connie Matisse, Creative Director of East Fork—ceramics producers unlike any other. Nestled into North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains, the city itself harbors crafts and...
Collaboration Capri Sneakers
Embellished with pieces crafted by the very talented ceramicist Ben Medansky, KOIO's newest collaborative sneakers are sophisticated and a little playful. The white leather Capri style shoes are made of a speckled calf leather upper and buttery soft...
ZsONAMACO 2018: Design with Life
Though dwarfed by the festival’s main contemporary art event, ZsONAMACO Design is a lively world of its own, featuring a remarkable selection of fashion, jewelry, interior decor and furniture. The category was an obvious success, with attendees enthusiastically...
CH Omakase 2017: Pansy Ass Ceramics Vessels
Toronto-based Pansy Ass Ceramics is a CH favorite for their humor, playfulness and quality creations. The company—made up of Kris Aaron and Andrew Walker—explores gay male identify and culture via ceramics that are oftentimes subversive, and always...
Papa Papa Charlie
From a high-temperature production process that renders each bowl extra-sturdy (and slightly different from one another), Miwak Junior crafts ceramic smoking bowls and pipes in their California studio. The Papa Papa Charlie iteration features a large...
Interview: Tung Chiang, Head of Heath Clay Studio
Heath Ceramics' Design Series has traversed many themes and forms—from experimenting with glazes to crafting an entire series of candleholders. The series essentially explores the possibilities of clay, and the latest debut is the studio's most personal...
Piaule's Minimalist Ceramic Vessels
Only one set of dishware—a ceramic bowl and a plate—brings me joy daily. They were handmade for Piaule, an online-only brand that is painstakingly perfecting homewares one at a time; and as a testament to their work, I've never felt the need to...
The World's First Ceramic Mug With Temperature Control, From Ember
Employing the same technology as their wildly successful Travel Mug, Ember's new Ceramic Mug impresses with its sheer simplicity. While it feels like an everyday ceramic mug, it allows users to moderate the temperature of the beverage within. There...
Highlights from London Design Week 2017
by Zach Robinson For all the design fairs cropping up across the globe, the London Design Festival (LDF) still maintains its place as one of the most important and inspiring. Year after year, new designers break out through presentations across...
Claremont Candle
Hand-poured candles made from 80% vegetable wax and 20% paraffin, PHLUR's newest addition not only offer delightful fragrances and a warm glow, they are also lovely design objects. Each candle sits inside a round, custom ceramic vessel (complete with...
Grafted: Plants by Kohei Oda, Pots by Adam Silverman
With 160 pages of photography by Shuji Yoshida and Joshua White, "Grafted" was printed in an edition of 1250 copies. The book is the upshot of two exhibitions by LA-based ceramicist Adam Silverman and award-winning Japanese plant sculptor Kohei Oda...
Totem Vase
Drawing inspiration from post-war studio pottery and mid-century design, self-taught ceramist Matthew Ward's work blends the past and present in a charming manner. His glazed stoneware Totem Vase is seven inches tall and features a pattern reminiscent...
Aero Pipe
Take it back to the basics with this wonderfully simple pipe from Portland-based studio Pursuits of Happiness. Duo April Brimer and Pavel Cherny dutifully hand-make each piece from start to finish, in teal, green or pink.
Banana Pipe
Peddled under the name Gatorbeug, the handmade earthenware pipes by Australian designer Tom Mason are equal parts art objet and functional device. This sculptural, smokable banana might inspire healthier choices when the munchies set in.
"Will Play Keys For Cheese" Plate
London-based illustrator James Ward—who goes by the moniker Jimbob Art—uses cheeky animal drawings to portray humans' innate desires. "I Will Play Keys for Cheese" is the perfect sentiment for the turophile in your life. Each eight-inch bone china...
Lipstick One-Hitter
Brooklyn-based ceramicist Karen Aragon keeps it classy with subtle smoking tools handmade at her Greenpoint studio. The lipstick one-hitter comes with a mirror-lined holder for touch-ups on the go.
Interview: Joey Roth on His Ceramic Towers
Industrial designer Joey Roth has been thinking about his just-released, minimal ceramic towers for some time—even before his subwoofer, he tells us, which was over three years ago. The final execution is a grand, sculptural creation measuring...
Ghost Candle Holder
Copenhagen's Studio Arhoj are masters at combining minimal design with cute characters to create homewares you actually want on display. Spooky but sweet, their ghost candle-holders are hand-cast and glazed in transparent porcelain and add warm light...
Studio Visit: Industrial Designer Mark Braun
"Let's say that I'm very close to messy," industrial designer Mark Braun says as we enter his Treptow, Berlin studio. "But it helps with my work." While the three-room space contains fascinating items aplenty (be that tools, inspirational knickknacks...
Studio Visit: Phill Kiho Kim's PKK Ceramics
When we visit ceramic artist Phill Kiho Kim's PKK Ceramics Echo Park studio, he explains how his obsession with coffee led him to ceramics, then coffee and back to ceramics. The culmination of Kim's passions manifested when he combined the two, most...
Studio Visit: Reiko Kaneko
At the softly sun-bathed studio of ceramics designer Reiko Kaneko, working with glaze is one big experiment. Occasionally, her steady process of trial and error includes herself, such as the first time she worked with a toxic raw lacquer and accidentally...
CH Global Spin: Japanese Ceramics
by Karen Day In Japan, tea is a serious subject. As we learned by participating in Tom Sachs’ artistic take on the traditional tea ceremony at New York's Noguchi Museum this year, the concept of chanoyu dates back to the 9th century, adheres to...
Smiley Face Cup
There might not be a more cheerful way to drink your coffee each morning than out of this smiley face cup. Crafted from non-toxic, locally sourced materials, it's also food and oven safe. Available in four sizes (from four to 16 ounces), each vessel...
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