Childrens Books

Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. An Elevator That Goes Every Which Way ThyssenKrupp's Multi won't be your average elevator beholden to a life of ups and downs. To debut soon in a Berlin residential tower, the Multi forgoes cables for strong magnetic levitation (the same technology...
The Snow Fox Digital Storybook App
Beyond the value on instilling a love of reading in children, bedtime stories also act as fondly remembered bonding moments. And while the world of the children's books continues to be populated by vivid and heartwarming stories, there's something...
Animals Are Delicious
By Dave Ladd and Stephanie Anderson, "Animals Are Delicious" isn't as brutal as one might think. In fact, the kids' book explains three of the longest food chains within the animal kingdom—in a bright and playful way. Each food chain (terrestrial...
The Sonar System
Free of typical children's books motifs, "The Sonar System" is a new illustrated tome that introduces kids to a not-so-typical subject: sound system culture. Set in a fictitious "sonar system" where planets revolve around a "gigantic, pulsating...