Chinese Artists

Artist Liu Bolin's Disappearing Act at Maison Ruinart
Throughout his startling and political career, Chinese artist Liu Bolin's multi-step "Invisible Man" work has bound together location, precise calculation, and layer upon layer of paint—all for the sake of one masterful image. The process itself is...
Studio Visit: Artist Xu Zhen
by Alessandro de Toni An hour drive out of Shanghai—far from the urban glitter and the lavish skyscrapers, into a land where Chinese cities tend to look all the same—lies MadeIn Company. Amid storage spaces and small factories, it’s a warehouse...
Miami Art Week 2016: Sun Xun's "Reconstruction of the Universe" for Audemars Piguet
There's no denying the substantial perks of hosting Art Basel in the city of Miami during the month of December. Some of the most powerful works during the entire week can be found outdoors, but one such piece does more than bask in the Magic City...
"A Beautiful Disorder" at Cass Sculpture Foundation
About two hours from London, or an hour from Brighton, Cass Sculpture Foundation sprawls across 26 acres of land and features monumental large-scale sculptures on its grounds. Open to the public seven days a week from April through November, the...
Qinghe Cao
Qinghe Cao is a talented young designer from Beijing's prestigious China Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA), with a very unique and imaginative style. In 2011 she launched her first collection of accessories "H=H," and in 2013 she was invited...
The Country of Summer Insects
Tang Bohua (TBH) was born in Liuyang, Hunan Province—the Chinese capital of fireworks—a city scattered with Buddhist temples where the locals would ask for protection from the hazards of their risky craft. During his childhood, temples were TBH's...