Coffee Products

Smash Cup
by Chérmelle Edwards Ben Melinger was at a coffee shop when he came up with Smash Cup—an idea to hopefully lessen his (and others') coffee cup footprint. Combining functionality with eco-friendliness, Melinger takes to Kickstarter today with his...
Thermos Brand's Overnight Coffee Challenge
Advertorial content: When Sir James Dewar invented the vacuum flask in 1892, he knew that he'd created a tool that would change storage forever. What he didn't know is that his creation, the Thermos, would be a household name over a century later...
Sip Smarter with the Viora Coffee Lid
With a conventional coffee cup lid, even the slightest jolt can send scalding liquid out of the porthole, only to be caught by the dish-like design, awaiting a second opportunity to splash onto you. Further, the lid traps all aromas inside, rendering...
Making of The Nescafé Alarm Cap
In the face of the booming craft coffee culture, instant coffee stalwarts Nescafé decided a brand refresh was in order. Opting for an innovative packaging activation to reintroduce the oft-ignored product to the greater creative community at large...
by Emily Bihl With the rise in coffee culture ever increasing and popularizing many intriguing brewing methods—from Chemex to Aeropress to the Kone Brewing System—our morning routines often consist of much more than pressing a button. To help keep...
Kone Brewing System
In recent years, pour-over coffee has become the new standard for those looking to get the most from their morning cup. While the stripped-down method of brewing brings out the richest flavor profile from the beans, it's not always the most convenient...
DeLonghi PrimaDonna Exclusive
It's hard to beat a handcrafted espresso from a skilled barista. Pulling shots and texturing milk takes skill and attention to detail, and the human touch in preparing coffee will never become obsolete. Still, stepping out to your neighborhood cafe...
Christien van Bussel Ceramics
Employing largely traditional techniques for working with clay and wood, Christien van Bussel is based at a remote, idyllic studio in Aughrim, a small village near Ireland's capital city Dublin. Her work caught the attention of Colin Harmon at 3FE...
notNeutral GINO Glass Dripper
Known for their mugs and cups designed to provide optimal fluid dynamics (aka the best possible set-up for pouring and drinking coffee), the newest creation from notNeutral—a division of Rios Clementi Hale Studios—adds a brewer to their collection...