Cold Water

Lomography x Nixon: Analog Russia
In the northeast corner of Russia lies the Kamchatka Peninsula. As beautiful as it is barren, the remote and harsh landscape is sparsely populated and surely an acquired taste for the small but steady number of adventure-seekers that visit year-round...
Surf Sauna
To score the best waves in the Northeast it takes three things: dedication, luck and a thick skin. Though the water warms up to a comfortable trunks-only temperature in the summer, the best waves pound the shores of New England, New York and New...
Petrichor Water-Repellent Shirt
When the coastal gales kick up a few raindrops, you want to be prepared—but not look like you're summiting Everest. Cornwall, England-based cold-water surf brand Finisterre hit the sweet spot between form and function with their Petrichor water...
Interview: Chris Burkard
Photography is among the most competitive creative fields. With the advent of accessible digital SLR cameras and numerous social sharing outlets, it's harder than ever to wade through what's good to find what's great. Based in a small town on the...
Finisterre UK
From its storied inception on pristine Hawaiian shores to its entrance into mainstream culture in the '50s and '60s through films like "The Endless Summer" and "Gigdet," surfing has always been associated with sunny, carefree beach life. Even...
EQ Seals
For everyone from surfers to sailers, ear protection is a major concern. Whether it's exposure to pollution, high winds or simply spending too much time in the water, ear infections are a common and debilitating ailment. While most earplugs hinder...