Computer Graphics

Anime-Inspired Art by Mayi Bashou Wang
As early as in the 1920s, China saw the first experiments in the world of manga and animation thanks to the introduction of lithographic printing derived from the West. The later years of political turmoil prevented the new industry from growing...
Media Design School
Advertorial content: Given that technological advancements in digital art are progressing by leaps and bounds, it's almost impossible to produce an excellent portfolio by just playing around on your laptop after work. If you've decided to bite the...
Alex McLeod
In a slick demonstration of hybrid creativity, Toronto-based artist Alex McLeod fuses his mastery of computer-generated imagery with a background in painting to create fantasy landscapes where fluid, hyperreal topography gel with glossy colors and...
The video exhibit "Ouroboros" at ISE Cultural Foundation explores the creation and history of the universe, using the iconic image of a snake eating itself as center to the work. The piece consists of six projections in 3-D, using geometric shapes...
CG Tattoo Preview
Ever want to see what a tattoo would look like on your body before permanently inking yourself? Computer graphics artist Loïc Zimmerman developed a program that does just that. By scanning your body you can capture exact body proportions to...
Reebok Timetanium
John Maeda, graphic designer, computer scientist, MIT professor and author of Laws of Simplicity, teamed up with Reebok to create the Timetanium Ventilator, a sneaker that's been getting attention lately for how it merges math, technology and...
Psyop Anthem
Psyop, the freshest CG shop on the planet, has launched a new web site featuring their work. The site is great. Better than the site is their anthem piece, which can also be found in the projects section. It's a shameless pro-consumption statement...