Consumer Products

Plastic Logic Reader
Still one year out of consumer reach, the Plastic Logic reader is already being touted by some sources as the Kindle killer. At this week's Tools of Change for Publishing Conference in New York, I had a chance to see the reader prototype in action...
Ice Rocks
Ice Rocks are prepackaged, ready-to-freeze individual ice cubes made from French spring water. Geared primarily toward the (upscale) tourism market, they assure worried travelers that the ice is safe to use. Scotch Rocks, a version marketed to bars...
Fructodent Toothpaste
More exotic flavored toothpaste hits the shelves with Fructodent's recent arrival at CVS, Walgreens and Albertson's. This Italian import comes in ten flavors (including Green Apple, Orange and Lemon, Mint and Chocolate, Mint and Strawberry...
Four Way Rubber Bands
Scottsdale, AZ based Flying Buffalo makes these 4-way rubber bands, called Box Bands, specifically to hold board game boxes together. Clearly they'd be great for stacks of paper, books or anything else you'd otherwise wrap with twine or multiple...
The Lamy Scribble
A friend came back from Europe last year toting this Lamy "propelling pencil" and has been addicted to its refined, ergonomic design ever since. A spring-loaded claw grips a 3.15 mm thick lead (also available in a 0.7mm diameters) that produces...
I'm usually a purist when it comes to things like this, but there's always an exception. A welcomed deviation from simple clear packing tape, this colorful pattern can be yours for $6 at There's also a similarly colorful...
MedicomToy Life Entertainment
Having made Kubrick and Bearbrick toys into virtual household names, MedicomToy is the Japanese company credited as one of the originators in the vinyl toy phenomenon. With the launch of Fabrick, their debut line of accessories and dé...
From a brand ever-obsessed with celebrity consumption (and self-consumption), comes a line of luxury products "for the man who has absolutely everything." Ju$t Another Rich Kid has teamed up with super-conceptual designer Tobias Wong to...
TiO2 Paint
Last year the BBC reviewed a new glass coating that is self cleaning and anti-bacterial. Made from Titanium Dioxide (TiO2), the surface reacts with light to do its job. Two product extensions are now available from Japan-- TiO2 paint and household...
Pacific Shaving Oil
This may seem a bit off-topic, but trust me, it's good. I hate shaving. I only do it once a week-- it's uncomfortable, time consuming and if done frequently the resulting irritation is rather unattractive. Enter Pacific Shaving Oil. Several...
Thwart Design
Thwart Design is an art and design collective, with an interesting line of products. Their aim is "to generate an assortment of projects from conceptual to marketable, our mantra being the pursuit of raw creativity." It's all in their...
Tissue Ring
Apartment Therapy, I had to see what other great designs Vessel thought up. And whaddaya know – they shocked the hell out of me with simplicity. The Tissue Ring, a stainless steel hoop that lies atop a stack of Kleenex eliminating the need for...
Big Willy Snot Box and Uranus
Forget your grandmother's crochet tissue box covers, it's all about these naughty little creatures. They're the next big thing in the Parcel line by Loop. They'll retail for about $10 - 16 at select stores in Japan, Europe and the...
Marc Newson Hair Dryer
Looking like it's from the set of $22.99 at Amazon
Camo Duct Tape
You already know I appreciate duct tap craft. To add to your pallet of styles to work with, here's some camouflage printed duct tape. Order direct from