Design Festivals

Barcelona Design Week 2018: Highlights
Design form Catalonia has an identity rooted both in regional tradition and contemporary icons. Javier Mariscal’s objects and characters (like Cobi, the 1992 Summer Olympics mascot), Jorge Pensi's Toledo Stacking Chair, and Rafael Marquina's Marquina...
Maison & Objet 2018: Wall Clocks
Time is a complex concept, yet we're all familiar with ideas about how time flies, time is money and time is a luxury. During 2018's Maison & Objet, it was evident that time can be decoration, as well. Among the countless gadgets and design objects...
Highlights From Biennale Internationale Design Saint-Etienne
Located in the south east of France, the coal mining city of Saint-Etienne launched the Biennale Internationale Design 20 years ago. The 10th iteration recently opened (and will run through early April). Within, one will find an exploration of the...
Design Indaba 2017: Nelly Ben Hayoun's University of the Underground
The soon-to-open University of the Underground is taking on today’s institutions and power structures by redesigning the way in which a post-graduate course operates. Helmed by the palpably ambitious multidisciplinary designer Nelly Ben Hayoun, University...
Design Indaba 2017: Sankara Rugs
Tying together the world's artisanal past and millennial future is multidisciplinary designer Nkuli Mlangeni, who, at this year’s Design Indaba festival, took home the award for Most Beautiful Object in South Africa with her graphically modern Sankara...
Design Indaba 2017: Exhibition Highlights
Juxtaposed with the exciting lineup of industry veterans who take the stage at Design Indaba are a group of locals who’ve been tapped to show their work at the festival’s Emerging Creatives and Featured Artists exhibition. Some have caught our eye...
Design Indaba Festival 2017
Design Indaba is a truly inspiring annual festival of multidisciplinary creativity set to the stunning backdrop of Cape Town. We’ve been in attendance since 2010, and each year the program is packed with opportunities to learn, engage and celebrate...
A/D/O Design Academy's "Utopia vs Dystopia"
We were quick to visit A/D/O's recently renovated Greenpoint space when it was unveiled, but our return this past weekend offered an opportunity to see it in action as the design community center it was always imagined to be. Attendees were eager...
Dubai Design Week: Abwab
The inaugural Dubai Design Week—on this week in the ever-changing Gulf city—is proof of how important design has become in the UAE, a nation supporting and expanding its creative industries with great fervor. The ambitious event features plenty of...