Design Objects

Folding Chopstick Basket
Employing red and brown single use chopsticks, designer Bryan Parks has found an extended application for the traditionally disposable item: a folding basket. When open, the basin measures 13.5" by 12" with four inches of depth. After use, it folds...
3D Bear
At 11 inches tall, Locknester's 3D-printed, three dimensional bear puzzle doubles as an assembly game and design object. Each piece has been sanded, barrel tumbled, and top-coated yielding a smooth, shiny finish. It's an intuitive process to assemble...
Talbot + Yoon's Eccentric Design Objects
“We live in a tiny New York City apartment, as most people here do," explains Mark Talbot, co-founder—along with Youngjin Yoon—of Talbot + Yoon. "A lot of our inspiration was in trying to find solutions that were elegant but decorative in limited...
New from Umbra Shift for Fall 2015
Umbra Shift, the semi-experimental branch of Toronto's Umbra studio, works with a wide range of designers to breathe contemporary influences into the home. The latest functional products to be released (just in time for holiday) in the Umbra Shift...
Umbra Shift Home Design at A+R
For more than 30 years Toronto's Umbra has held a significant presence in the homeware segment, though it's their recently-established, contemporary design focused arm Umbra Shift that's earned our attention this time. After being rolled out in...
Something Good
While the "Made in Italy" moniker may not mean quite what it used to, Italian design is still alive and well. And, thanks to forward-thinking design groups like Something Good, it's becoming more responsive to reoccurring themes in contemporary...
Daniel Emma Magnifier
While the monocle is of course the magnifier of choice for the Scrooge McDucks of the world, the simple bronze magnifier by Australian design studio Daniel Emma is certainly the one for the creative class. Designed to be used both for enlarging...
Objects at Maison et Objet 2013
Amid the vast array of design to behold at this year's Maison et Objet—we were interested in lighting, seating and innovation, in particular—were smaller accessories that give the very show its name. Here, a trio of designers presenting...
Eight Emperors
Eight Emperors is a stunning new collection of handmade works from Ann Arbor-based husband-and-wife team Matthew Shlian and Thea Augustina Eck. Walking the line between art and design, the pieces range from intricately cut and folded paper sculptures...