Design Week

Dashilar is is one of the oldest and most famous "hutongs", or alleyways, of Beijing, and probably one of the closest to pictures in our imagination of the old city—narrow streets, red lanterns, rickshaws and all kinds of Chinese paraphernalia...
Love It or Leave It
The second-floor space at Gallery R'Pure has been transformed into a visual conversation about what America means today. "Love It or Leave It" explores notions of consumerism, patriotism, religion and the suburban dream through the critical eyes...
Metaproject 02
While knowledge is commonly attributed to experience, fresh ideas often come from fresh minds. Taking this perspective to heart, veteran designer and educator Josh Owen developed Metaproject, an experimental industrial design course at the Rochester...
WantedDesign 2012 Highlights
After a well received debut last year, WantedDesign is back again at NYC's Design Week with an even more impactful exhibition showcasing both new and known international designers and architects. This was the break-out year for WantedDesign for...
Sonos Soundalier
Advertorial content: Best known for her hand-blown glass and sculptural brass lighting fixtures, Lindsey Adelman is no stranger to exploring the limits of industrial design. Driven by this pionering spirit, Adelman's studio, in collaboration...
Philippe Starck Interview
Known nearly as much for his confident and quirky personality as for his innovative use of single mould injected polycarbonate, Philippe Starck has spent the last few decades changing the norm in product design. From an alien-like lemon juicer for...
Wonderoled by Blackbody
Blackbody is an OLED home lighting brand launched in 2010 by the Italian-French company Astron Fiamm. Located in Toulon, France, the company develops and produces OLED-based lighting solutions with the help of established and emerging designers...
WantedDesign 2012
When we attended WantedDesign's inaugural debut during NYC Design Week 2011, we knew that the fledgling venture was a force to be reckoned with. While ICFF remains the main attraction, WantedDesign drew our attention for bringing American and New...