Koffi & Diabaté
Urbanization has gone from global phenomenon to the source of increasingly vital environmental, social, political and economic issues. In Africa, movement to urban centers has skyrocketed in the past decades with central planners unable and sometimes...
Kapital Creation: A Beijing State of Mind
Urbanization is a major global issue, but nowhere more pressing and extreme than in China. The country's urban population is expected to hit one billion over the next decade, according to the World Bank. Alongside unprecedented economic development...
Anyone who's used photo-editing programs has no doubt experienced the frustration of removing a background from an image. It can be a painstaking process. But Dutch company StyleShoots has found a solution with its flagship product of the same name...
Meta Watch
With the distinction of being the first watch to ship with Bluetooth 4.0 compatibility, Meta Watch represents the logical next step in digital timekeeping. The product leverages new Bluetooth capabilities—namely, more efficient energy usage...
If you've ever wondered what it's like to shoot down bomber planes, race a Ferrari in a Volvo or fly a space ship while on acid, POP might offer the insight you need. The mind-bending experimental video game consists of what it calls "a series...
Free Universal Construction Kit
There exist few limits to a child's potential for creativity, and the blocks that accumulate on the playroom floor may seem equally boundless as kids are left to explore. Breaking down the boundaries between various branded construction sets like...
Smart Grid Athletic Lights
A finalist in the Philip's Livable Cities Awards, Andrew Burdick's "Smart Athletic Grid Light" prototype has enormous potential to prove how urban development and sustainable design can work together. In association with Ennead, the idea was seeded...