Pottery with Personality from Asheville's East Fork
"In Asheville, you can throw a rock in any direction and hit a potter," says Connie Matisse, Creative Director of East Fork—ceramics producers unlike any other. Nestled into North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains, the city itself harbors crafts and...
Put ‘Em Back Oyster Knife
From the curved stainless steel blade (with a bridged pivot point to simplify shucking) to the ergonomic handled produced from recycled plastic bottles, Toadfish Outfitter's Put ‘Em Back Oyster Knife aims to make the entire process easier and safer...
Must-Touch Porcelain Tableware by Piaule
Piaule launched with an ambitious idea: release thoughtfully considered homewares, one at a time—and make them so well that there's no need to offer a selection of "choices." The online brand has already perfected the ultra-lightweight, quick-drying...
Prince Plate
Each ceramic plate in the altered antique collection is hand-painted and one of a kind—and utterly lovely. Giving old plates a new existence and new relevance, the floral decoration and familiar all-black profile portrait of Prince make for a stunning...
Diesel Living + Seletti Love Space and Machines
Diesel Living's continuous collaboration with fellow Italians, design company Seletti, have resulted in fun (with undercurrents of dark and industrial) tableware that sparks wonder in the everyday ritual of eating. "Cosmic Diner" saw salt and pepper...
Altered Antique Ceramic Plate + David Bowie
For fans of Ziggy Stardust, this antique floral dinner plate is embellished with David Bowie's face. Charming and colorful, the blend of kitsch and Bowie's now-retro superfuture character is a delightful juxtaposition—one to look at, rather than eat...
Slurp Cups by Studio Arhoj
First started in Tokyo and now based in Islands Brygge, Copenhagen, Studio Arhoj caught our eye some time ago with their unusual orb-shaped coin bank. Playing with clay and glaze, founder Anders Arhoj balances Japanese and Scandinavian elements...
Denver and Liely Whisky Glass
There is an art to the consumption of alcohol and, for centuries, glass-blowers and designers have attempted to create the perfect drinking vessel. Melbourne-based Denver & Liely's new whisky glass unites the two most respected forms of bourbon...
Snowe Homewares
Shopping for home essentials isn't the most thrilling—especially when you have to drudge through dozens of different stores and their never-ending selections. Making it easy to furnish a new apartment in one click (no required day trip to a warehouse...
Glazed Apple Plate
NYC-based artist and designer John Derian, best known for his nature and vintage-inspired découpage pieces, has collaborated with Parisian ceramics brand Astier de Villatte for a match made in heaven, as they both draw inspiration from "things forgotten...
The Ripple Series from Haand Ceramics
If you're on a search for high-quality wares to set the table with that are minimalist enough to match any mood and decor but are unusual enough to be memorable, look no further than Haand Ceramics. Founded in 2012 by childhood friends (now business...
Lenneke Wispelwey Ceramics
There's an elegant simplicity to the work of Arnhem, Netherlands-based ceramicist Lenneke Wispelwey. There's also a touch of mathematical fun. As a whole, her work is easily recognizable for two specific reasons. Regardless of what design object...
Don Moyer's Calamityware Dinner Plates
The Willow pattern is both highly recognizable and also seeped in history. Still popular now, the (most commonly) blue and white floral style was inspired by the porcelain the English were importing from China in the 18th Century—and now graphic...
Ceramica Botanica
While simple off-white ceramic dinnerware is our go-to for setting the table—sometimes a pop of color in the dining room is just the ticket. San Antonio native Susan Rodriguez has been working as a ceramicist for over 20 years, after graduating...
ABC Holiday Brunch Table
Sponsored content: 'Tis the season to be entertaining. Once you've found the perfect recipe for your upcoming holiday brunch, we've got everything else covered—from what to drink to what to drink it in—to ensure that it will be a meal to remember...
Traveler Zita at Maison & Objet 2013
by Dora Haller With special focus on kitchen utilities, this autumn's Maison & Objet—the Parisian design trade show which ran from 6-10 September—offered simple innovations alongside more decadent wares. CH enthusiastically trawled through the vast...
Seletti Wears Toiletpaper
Toiletpaper is one of the best examples of how a niche magazine done right can become a mass phenomenon. This photography-only publication was born in 2010 from a collaboration between artist Maurizio Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari...