Direct To Consumer

Summersalt's Affordable, Eco-Friendly Swimwear
by Sun Bak For those of us in the northern hemisphere, summer seems to not be letting go of its unsettling grip—with an unusually extended warmer weather. But even when autumn makes its grand entrance soon, it doesn't mean you won't be donning...
Hubble's Inexpensive Contact Lenses
Anyone who's worn contact lenses knows: there isn't much choice out there—in terms of brands and, importantly, price. There's finally some form of rebellion in the industry, thanks to NYC-based start-up Hubble, which is merging the ordering and...
Bulat Knife
Fully funded shortly after its Kickstarter launched, Bulat joins the throngs of new start-ups offering premium direct-to-consumer goods at lower prices. This one's a good-looking chef's knife to completely replace your block of cheap knives—root...
Made in Spain, Qüero Shoes Land in NYC
Customized products do not have to equate with heart attack-inducing prices anymore. In the world of shoes, companies like Atlanta-based start-up Cobbler Union and Quoddy (who hand-sew moccasins and loafers in Maine) are making bespoke available...
Outerwear Inspired by Architecture: The Arrivals
Finding the right jacket is often a game of compromises. Forgo quality to save on the price. Opt for fashion, but desperately miss out on function. Most vexing though, in the search for the optimal outerwear, is nailing the perfect fit. A trendy...
Direct-to-Consumer OneGround Shoes
Direct-to-consumer manufacturing companies like Everlane and Warby Parker have attracted a devoted customer following by offering attractive, top-quality products at a fraction of their traditional retail costs. Businessmen, tech geeks and shoe...