A Historic Day at the Steve Jobs Theater
“One of the ways that I believe people express their appreciation to the rest of humanity is to make something wonderful and put it out there. You may never meet the people, shake their hands, hear their story or tell yours, but somehow in the act...
WORLDZ Summit 2017
Gathering some of the brightest and most creative brains and brands in one place, WORLDZ is more than an event—it's also a community. With speakers ranging from Shiza Shahid (CEO of The Malala Fund) to Marc Mathieu (CMO of Samsung) to Brad Jenkins...
No Sleep: NYC Nightlife Flyers 1988-1999
Step into a time capsule of NYC's nightlife scene in the '80s to '90s—when DJs and promoters would print flyers (often made by people with no design experience) by the thousands and hope their events would spread by word of mouth. Though the internet...
A/D/O Design Academy's "Utopia vs Dystopia"
We were quick to visit A/D/O's recently renovated Greenpoint space when it was unveiled, but our return this past weekend offered an opportunity to see it in action as the design community center it was always imagined to be. Attendees were eager...
TEDxHollywood 2016: Technology vs Humanity
Organized by Ken Hertz and Dan Adler, TEDxHollywood 2016 will focus on technology and humanity—specifically the dichotomy in which they exist. With thoughtful speakers, performances, exhibits and interactive sessions, the day will inspire as only...
Announcing WORLDZ: a Cultural Marketing Summit and Community
We’ve been fortunate to be part of the PTTOW! community for several years. The acronym stands for Planning To Take On the World, and its 230 or so members represent leaders—only one per company—across industries and genres. Execs of some of the...
Summer Film Series to Catch in NYC
Summer may be synonymous with Hollywood blockbusters, but if you're in the mood for something else—in a screen size larger than your 15" laptop—NYC thankfully has a deluge of options, like Rooftop Cinema Club's movies with a sunset view. Whether you...
Symposium Stockholm 2016: Eugenia Kuyda
When Eugenia Kuyda’s best friend Roman passed away last year, it was the first time the CEO of Luka lost someone so close—and she was unaccustomed to experiencing such grief. Luka, which Kuyda founded, is an artificial intelligence company that...
Rooftop Cinema Club Expands
There are moments when you want to enjoy a view of the sunset and city skyline in peace, rather than getting head-locked at another overcrowded rooftop happy hour. One alternative activity comes from Rooftop Cinema Club, which started off in 2011...
The Drawing Room Pop-Up Bakery and Bar
From Black Tap's colossal milkshakes and Dominique Ansel's milk and cookie shots to Crown Heights' new bar/bakery Butter & Scotch, there's no shortage of creative, hyped-up sweet treats in NYC. But if you're looking for something beyond a quick...
Interview: Zach Tetreault of FORM Arcosanti
These days, dusty dirt roads lead you to plenty of music festivals but there's something about FORM Arcosanti that strikes you dumb with wonder. First, it's the bewitching architecture of the desert town where it takes place. An hour north of Phoneix...
Pop-Up Magazine Tour
Taking new non-fiction stories off the page and into the third dimension, Pop-Up Magazine is an unusual performance template aiming to keep the audience at the edge of their seats. Across a wide range of topics—pop culture, crime, science, food...
Mido Eyewear Show 2016
While you might not have heard of it, Italy's Mido Eyewear Show is the leading event for eyewear professionals. It's an exhibition during which major international brands present their new styles and innovations for prescription specs and sunglasses...
Vinyl Me, Please at Ace Hotel New York
Ace Hotel has always been hospitable to the arts—such as when they invited art collectives to live in Ace rooms during last year's Fashion Week for a program called "Sleep / Walk". Adding yet another thoughtful element to the overall cultural...
Interview: Ravi Naidoo of Design Indaba
In just two days, the 20th edition of Design Indaba—the Cape Town-based conference that has celebrated creativity and promoted design for two decades now—will open. Known for its eclectic, inspirational roster of speakers, the conference gathers...
Salisbury, Connecticut's Jumpfest 2015
The Salisbury Winter Ski Association (SWSA, pronounced "swaa-sa") is a local club in Salisbury, Connecticut that teaches kids to ski jump. Now in its 89th year, SWSA is one of the last all-volunteer run clubs in the country. Every Sunday morning...
Food Dice: Seasonal Dinners
A game for those who enjoy a little creativity in the kitchen, the "Foodie Dice" provide inspiration for those looking to test their hand at whipping up something new and exciting to eat. Five primary dice offer up protein options, cooking methods...
Dinner Lab Annual Membership
Dinner Lab brings together a dynamic group of culinary adventurists and undiscovered culinary talent for a rotating schedule of dynamite dinners. The experience is interactive: a theme is explored to dictate the menu, chefs go wild, and diners provide...
ASSEMBLE XII: A Sonic Experiment at the Ace Hotel
It's CMJ week in NYC, meaning the streets are flooded with thousands of artists vying for attention. In a festival that offers more music than anyone can possibly endure, avant-garde performance experiment ASSEMBLE puts on a sonic experience like...
NYC's Newest (and Only) French Bookstore, Albertine
For the past five years, New York City has—surprisingly, considering its international reputation and community—been lacking something: a French language bookstore. They had all shuttered, one by one, until the last, Librairie de France in Rockefeller...
Story + Cool Hunting: Pitch Night 2014
If you are a designer or maker able to spend an evening in NYC and have a product ready to sell, we at Cool Hunting want to see it. After two successful iterations, Rachel Shechtman of editorial concept shop STORY and the team at Cool Hunting are...
The Bosco Evolves
When we last checked in with The Bosco in 2012, the freshly formed start-up was touting its high-end instant GIF booth and video confessional. With GIF photobooths now all the rage at parties, The Bosco has evolved into a company that "bridges the...
Sustain-Release Music Festival
With festival lineups looking more and more identical, and the overall experience becoming synonymous with struggle and exhaustion, two underground music veterans are offering a new kind of escape that ensures an intimate experience for their familial...
Authentic New York Hot Dog Vendor Cart
width="300" height="300" class="none" />$5,500
Pig&Rig's Portable Party
One of the best summer activities is the backyard party—playing music until it echoes down the street, the smell of meat and veggies smoking on the grill, refreshing drinks and merrymaking until the sun goes down. Offering all this in single package...
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