Faroe Islands

Game of Thrones and Westworld Travel Adventures with Black Tomato
For some, travel is a calculated obsession, satiated by a ticking of boxes that represent a location and the accompanying desire. For others, that's not enough. Travel requires reaching the ends of the earth and going beyond the realm of normalcy...
Best of CH 2014: Travel
Travel serves as one of the greatest sources of new ideas, perspectives and creative inspiration. Over 2014, the CH team was lucky to have ventured around the world to renowned and remote destinations alike. Adventure remained a constant theme throughout...
Word of Mouth: Faroe Islands
With a dramatic landscape as intricately charming as it is awe-inspiring, the Faroe Islands (a nation located between Iceland and Norway), provide a destination unlike any other. Situated in the North Atlantic, the archipelago is comprised of 18 separate...
Music and More at Faroe Island's G! Festival
The clouds sit very low atop rugged mountains, each rising in a dramatic curve directly from the sea. Birds circle overhead while music seems to infuse with the mysticism of the landscape and oscillates over the sea. From 17 to 19 July 2014, this...
The Weather Diaries: Interpreting Fashion from the West Nordic Islands
Following Reykjavik and Seattle, the German city of Frankfurt is the host of this year's Third Nordic Fashion Biennale (NFB), a traveling event that highlights the unique work of young creatives from Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. It offers...