Fashion Houses

Fondation Louis Vuitton
Like many major fashion houses, Louis Vuitton is a keen supporter of the arts. Its Fondation Louis Vuitton, in Paris' Neuilly-sur-Seine neighborhood, is an impressive building designed by Frank Gehry that rises like a white spaceship out of the Bois...
Decoster Concept
Decoster Concept is a new design project created by Ziggy Chen (Chinese: Chen Xiang), a well-known fashion designer from Shanghai and founder of Decoster. Decoster Concept is a high level, conceptual label launched in the second half of 2011. The...
Bottega Veneta Parfum
As anyone who's sought a signature scent knows, selecting the right one is much harder than it seems. From the balance of notes and allusions to something that stands out from the crowd, perfume bears the burden of channeling the most poetic aspect...
Uniqlo Cubes
Advertorial content: Savvy readers may have noticed that we were featured in the Voices of New York campaign last month, the first of many initiatives that Japanese apparel retailer Uniqlo undertook to celebrate the imminent arrival of their two...
Fashionable Boots
A solid pair of work boots will get any dapper dude through the winter months, whether trudging through the snow to a gallery opening or chopping wood in the wilderness. While a classic pair is sure to last year after year, there are a few labels that...
The appropriately named Australian brand Sixhands is both a textile design and fashion label made up of the three friends and University of Technology, Syndey graduates Brianna Pike, Anna Harves and Alecia Jensen. Founded in 2006, the trio blends...