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Soup + Salmon Gift Box
Dinner at the campsite can be meaningful as it is nourishing. Outdoor brand Patagonia's purposeful food line Provisions is offering meals that are surprisingly both delicious and good for you, while being sensitive to the environment and investing...
Pantone Café, Monaco
For its second year, Pantone Café once again sets up shop this summer in Monaco. Though it's a stripped-down menu of coffee, drinks, sandwiches and desserts, it's a fascinating exercise in color psychology and how simple yet bold visual presentation...
Where to Eat Pizza
If your first waking thought in a strange city is "Where's the good pizza?!" then Phaidon's hardback guide has you covered. Consider it the compass that points toward mouthwatering slices of goodness. A whopping 1,700 vetted locations around the world...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
1. The Origins of Monopoly's Iconic Playing Pieces Ever wonder how such random items as a shoe, thimble, wheelbarrow and battleship became the playing pieces of possibly the most iconic board game in history? According to Cool Material, their...
Stainless Steel Straws
Aside from jazzing up the look of your drink, these stainless steel straws come with an environmentally friendly upshot: they drastically reduce waste, unlike their plastic counterparts. Sold in a pack of four, these sleek straws are pre-bent at the...
Everyday Napkins
Championing the use of non-disposable products, California-based company Ambatalia crafts reusable products for all sorts of activities. Their Everyday Napkins are made from a cotton/hemp blend and measure 17 x 17 inches—the perfect size for wrapping...
Kan-no-shiro Matcha Powder
More than just a tea shop, Kyoto-based retailer Ippodo Tea Co. has specialized in the cultivation and blending of matcha, sencha and other Japanese teas for nearly three centuries. Their Kan-no-shiro 40g can of matcha powder is ground from shade-cultivated...
Jerky Crafting Kit
When done right, beef jerky is a lean, healthy snack packed with protein and Omega 3 fatty acids. Fleishers’ Jerky Crafting Kit provides all the necessary tools—including two non-stick drying screens, two spice blends, a cork over door stopper and...
Holiday Gift Guide 2015: Too Many Cooks
The right tools and ingredients are essential in the kitchen. A great cookbook acts as a necessary guide for exploration, while a little personality in utensils make the experience altogether more enjoyable. And of course, with much of cooking and...
The NoMad Cookbook
Treat someone special to a Michelin-starred meal without ever visiting a restaurant, with Daniel Humm's The NoMad Cookbook. Inside, elegant photography and detailed recipes treat home cooks to the very dishes the acclaimed NYC-based chef dreams up...
Vermont Dark Maple Syrup
Skye Chalmers and Tina Hartell—the duo behind Bobo’s Mountain Sugar—refuse to cut corners when it comes to their Vermont Dark Maple Syrup. Each spring, they harvest sap from roughly 2,500 trees, boiling down 55 gallons to produce just one gallon of...
La Cambuse du Saunier in Gruissan, France
Le Salin de l'île Saint-Martin is a special place in the town of Gruissan where even locals indulge in snapping a few photos. Located by the Mediterranean coast, the tremendous salt evaporation ponds (over 400 hectares) host the production of la fleur...
Douglas Riboud + Justin Guilbert
The idea seems simple enough: make great coconut water. The kind that tastes like it would if you cut one down and opened it up yourself. But as Douglas Riboud and Justin Guilbert discovered when they founded Harmless Harvest in 2009, sometimes simple...
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