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Ballast Point Grapefruit Sculpin IPA
As temperatures rise and summertime vibes begin to peak, fruit-infused beers become increasingly more appealing for their crisp and refreshing nature. Finding a well-balanced summer brew can be problematic, though, as the sweetness oftentimes overpowers...
Three Exceptional Berlin Bars Offering the Unexpected
People from all over the globe venture to Berlin for the excitement its diverse nightlife scene has to offer. Famed nightclub Berghain commands one of the best global reputations for a wild night out—and its acclaimed Panorama Bar features a Long Island...
Cacao Beans from Big Tree Farms
Chocolate lovers know that there's nothing quite like a tasty cocoa bean. The only thing that could make them better: if they came pre-shelled. And that's exactly the case with Big Tree Farms' Cacao Beans. Yes, they offer up plenty of all-natural...
Three Exceptional NYC Bars in Unexpected Locations
New York City forever defies expectations. Strolling a different street on the way from work to one's home can reveal a masked gem that's been quietly entertaining for years. One subway stop from routine might be a perfect aesthetic match for drinking...
Wright & Company's The House Manhattan
While a well-made Manhattan cocktail needs no modification, we've had our fair share of inspired spin-offs that provide a modern edge and an altogether pleasant diversion. On a recent trip to Detroit, we swung by Dave Kwiatkowski's Wright & Company...
Interview: Brian Nation of Midleton Distillery
During a recent tasting of the components that make up the newest bottling from Irish whiskey Redbreast 21, Brian Nation was thrilled about his new position as Master Distiller of the Midleton Distillery. Nation now fills the shoes that were worn...
Mamacita's Gourmet Hot Sauce
Making the farmers market rounds, but also available online through outreach, Mamacita's Gourmet Hot Sauce is a Virginia’s Finest product and a local merchant favorite in its hometown of Richmond. The spicy blend carries more than enough potent flavor...
Joseph Wesley Black Tea
The Motor City is producing much more than cars these days, with brands like Shinola leading the way, Detroit's future is looking bright. On a recent trip there, CH came across an unlikely local product, Joseph Wesley Black Tea. While studying in...
Carry-On Chopsticks and Case
With bamboo tips that unscrew and store inside perfectly balanced stainless steel handles, Snow Peak’s carry-on chopsticks are an exemplar of the form. A new, premium leather carrying case from Portland, Oregon-based Tanner Goods will age beautifully...
Victory Gardens
Notions and perceptions revolving around food have changed drastically in recent years. As organic options become the norm for many, the origin and social and environmental impact of food continues to become a greater concern—with many consumers...
Heart Coffee Subscription
Make sure your coffee-loving loved ones are never lacking in the finest beans with a coffee subscription from Portland's acclaimed Heart Roasters. Opt for weekly or bi-weekly service starting at three months for a pound of some of the finest beans...
Blue Bottle Coffee Beans
There's nothing like gifting a bag of beans from the roaster known to refuse serving espresso in a paper cup, so as not to compromise the integrity of their bean's distinctive flavor. Born in San Francisco and branched into NYC, Blue Bottle's beans...
Mazama Ceramic Drinking Vessels
From the home of some of the best craft beverages America has to offer—Portland, Oregon—comes a line of cups, mugs and serving bottles with an aim to elevate the drink within. Mazama's new hand-crafted ceramic line (now on Kickstarter) has a clean...
Muddy Waters
Once a quiet coffee shop on 24th and Lyndale (now new home of Urban Bean Coffee), Muddy Waters could have won the award for best transformation over the last couple of years. Moving a few blocks up the street to the middle of Uptown (Lyndale and Lake...
The Northeast Social
An unlikely hidden gem, the Northeast Social is known for serving one of the best half-pound beef burgers in town—with a nice price of $5 during happy hour—and a great hand-picked drinks list to match. With an incredible selection of art—most of which...
The Bachelor Farmer
Tucked in among the beautiful loft buildings of the North Loop neighborhood, the Bachelor Farmer stands as a one-of-a kind destination for Scandinavian cuisine. The menu is fresh, concise and full of surprises. With a brilliant staff to match an equally...
Loveless Café
Loveless Cafe cannot be mentioned without calling out the biscuits. The down-home eatery—tucked away about 30 minutes west of downtown—has been serving southern staples for more than 60 years. And it's revered the world over for those fluffy, buttery...
Tennessee's capital has been on something of a roll in recent years. A southern, cosmopolitan city smack in the middle of the Volunteer State, Nashville has recently been dubbed a US' hotspot by several revered publications, and it even now serves...
Almanac Beer Company
There's no shortage of craft beer-makers in the US. Over the past decade, the number of microbreweries, brew pubs and home-brewers has exploded—just about everybody has a friend who insists his or her homemade IPA beats anything on tap. However...
Holeman & Finch
Buckhead, one of Atlanta’s ritzier suburbs, has become flooded with bars in the last decade as nightlife has begun to boom in this part of the metropolis. Among the pubs that have popped up, Holeman & Finch has gained notoriety for the meticulously...
Chai Pani
Using fresh produce sourced daily from local area farmers, Chai Pani does an excellent job of creating genuine Indian street food in a buzzing Atlanta atmosphere. Since opening in Asheville in 2009 to a line of customers that didn’t stop until the...
Iberian Pig
Downtown Decatur has been popping up with delicious eateries, but at the true heart of it—located in a warmly lit restaurant bursting with exotic aromas and rustic decor—lies the Iberian Pig. Those unfamiliar with tapas may find the Iberian Pig's extensive...
Among the many truck parks that have come to grace Atlanta, W.O.W. has established itself as one of the premier vendors of delicious fresh food served up quickly. If you’re looking for southwest-style arepas or a hearty bowl filled with meat, cheese...
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