Gift Box

Robb Vices' Clase Azul Tequila
Some days it feels as if we are only at the dawn of tequila's golden age—from a growing global appreciation to avid collectors and an ever-developing roster of super-premium products unlike any other. A new 20th anniversary Clase Azul tequila joins...
COOL HUNTING Omakase 2017
We're proud to announce the 2017 edition of 2017 CH Omakase, our second annual collection of holiday gifts, is now available for purchase. Last year we debuted our COOL HUNTING Omakase collection—a holiday gift box of epic proportions, filled with...
Presenting CH Omakase 2016
In June 2016 we announced our inaugural CH Omakase (a Japanese word meaning "expert's choice") holiday gift assortment promising a group of exclusive collaborations and early access to new products—each box curated for its recipient. We didn’t name...
Holiday Box: Michelin Edition
The latest food collection from hand-selected box service Try The World was created in collaboration with acclaimed restaurant guide service Michelin. Within, one will find eight uncommon food items drawn from Italy (a truffle sauce), Taiwan, Israel...
"Avid Explorer" Body Care Set
Especially enjoyable during the colder seasons, Aesop's products are rich, hydrating, gentle and smell delicious. Their just-launched gift kits come in sophisticated packaging with lovely illustrations and a great story to match—each one honors a beloved...
The Black Box
Limited to 50 special edition kits, North Drinkware and The James Brand's The Black Box unites a custom product from both Portland-based makers, packaged in a laser-etched, black-stained wooden box. From CH favorite North, two of their signature eight...
Soup + Salmon Gift Box
Dinner at the campsite can be meaningful as it is nourishing. Outdoor brand Patagonia's purposeful food line Provisions is offering meals that are surprisingly both delicious and good for you, while being sensitive to the environment and investing...
COOL HUNTING Omakase Solves the Holiday Shopping Conundrum
If you haven't heard yet, we're doing something ambitious this 2016 holiday season. COOL HUNTING Omakase is a materialization of the research and effort we put into our evergreen Gift Guide married with our coveted product collaborations and delivered...
Announcing: COOL HUNTING Omakase
Limited edition gifts commissioned by us, curated for you Imagine a holiday gifting service with items that no one else has. For this year's holiday season we’re taking the CH Gift Guide that you know and love to the next level. COOL HUNTING...
Soxfords' Charming Sock + Tie Pairings
Two years ago, we fell for Soxfords' unconventionally patterned dress socks. Founder Ryan Kent struck a chord with those looking to punch up the personality in their outfits, in an entirely acceptable way. Earlier this year, Soxfords debuted 100...