Gluten Free

Seek Food's Tasty Cricket Baking Flours + Recipes
It seems as though the team at Seek Food has touched upon every relevant angle possible to bring curious consumers over to cricket powder—and it's working. When the health food organization launched with a series of ridiculously tasty granolas...
Cheesy Cashew Sauces
In original and spicy chipotle flavors, CORE + RIND's two cheesy cashew sauces offer a 100% vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, and plant-based topping alternative. Both are rich and creamy, and complement savory dishes. Further, all feature whole ingredients...
Gluten-Free Crackers
Made using only non-GMO ingredients, Onesto crackers are super-crunchy, and delicious—which might be seemingly impossible to many, as they are also gluten-free. Free of bleached sugars and preservatives, the variety pack includes different flavors...
Bees Knees Spicy Honey
Brooklyn's MixedMade offers just two products: spicy maple syrup (Trees Knees, as they call it) and spicy honey. The latter is made in small batches using raw honey from Hudson Valley beekeepers and infusing chili peppers—and one large pepper gets...
Turning Vegetables into Noodles and More with Inspiralizer
If you're in a cooking rut, one way to rediscover a love for vegetables you've been long neglecting is just a different way to cut them. The art of "spiralizing," or transforming vegetables into long spirals or noodles with the help of a tool, has...
Cut From Corn Tortillas, Cabo Chips
Not much has changed since we first discovered Cabo Chips in 2006—which is good news for fans of the healthy 100% whole grain snack. The Newport Beach, CA-based company channels the spirit of a Mexican beachside cantina in a bag, all without relying...
Love Grain
There's a new ancient grain in town, and it goes by the name of teff. The tiniest grain in the world is native to Ethiopia, where it's mainly used to bake injera; the flatbread that's a national dish and eaten daily in households. Teff is a nutritional...
Healthy Skoop
It's almost impossible to ingest all the superfoods we've been instructed to eat on a daily basis. There aren't enough meals in the day—and even if there were, not all of the listed produce are readily available. Skoop is changing that and they're...
Root Down
Head over to the Highlands for dinner at Chef Justin Cucci’s Root Down, a restaurant that serves seasonal vegetable-centric food in a converted auto garage overlooking downtown Denver. Not long after opening, Root Down quickly became known for its...
Four Gluten-Free Indulgences
Finding gluten-free products is easier than ever, but finding tasty treats with good texture remains a constant challenge. Here are five new treats that we think hit the mark. Tate's Bake Shop A forever favorite, Tate's chocolate chip cookies...
Mini Pops
A staple in grain production worldwide, sorghum is slowly making its way from the side stage to the spotlight. It's easy to grow anywhere on the globe, inexpensive, gluten-free and, with a mild taste that partners perfectly with seasoning, you're...