Google Glass

LeDomaine: Europe's First Google Glass-Equipped Hotel
Situated among rolling hills of vineyards and the sprawling Douro River in Spain, the Abadía Retuerta LeDomaine luxury hotel is a portrait Old World charm. Once a monastery, the sprawling estate is located two hours north of Madrid and has seen...
Glass Shorts at the LES Film Festival
At the Google Glass Basecamp inside NYC's Chelsea Market, the Lower East Side Film Festival transplanted some of its selections and audience for a night that was the first of its kind. "Glass Shorts" was an entire evening of programming surrounding...
David Datuna: Viewpoint of Billions
Melding enough types of buzzworthy gadgets to make any technologist drool, NY-based artist David Datuna's new multimedia piece "Viewpoint of Billions" is likely one of the first pieces of art to be specifically created with Google Glass. Building...
Link About It: This Week's Picks
Sponsored content: 1. American Fashion is Commercial At the Lincoln Center tents, one cannot help but feel a strong trade show vibe as sponsors flit about, offering gifts from cosmetics to alcohol. Although there are complaints about the commercialism...