Graphic Designers

1 Page at a Time: A Daily Creative Companion
Graphic designer Adam J Kurtz has built his portfolio on uplifting but slightly cheeky missives printed on brightly colored objects ranging from balloons to books. His latest creation invites the rest of us to get inspired in 2015 with "1 Page at a...
Perfetto Pencils
Everything about esteemed graphic designer Louise Fili's Perfetto Pencil set is perfectly retro. Harkening the graphic exuberance of vintage Italian packaging design, the bunch includes 12 double-sided, two-color pencils in red and black.
Alex Trochut's Binary Prints
Illustrator, designer and typographer Alex Trochut creates art for some of the world's best-known brands including Coca-Cola, Nike and the New York Times. Working between Barcelona and Brooklyn, Trochut is admired for his ability to take simple...
Design Indaba: Paula Scher
Influential American artist and designer Paula Scher kicked off this year's Design Indaba with a talk she titled "Small Breakthroughs, and How They Came to Be." During her presentation, she detailed both the struggles and solutions involved in several...
Scout Regalia Bikes
Just one floor up from "Scale," Cool Hunting's curatorial contribution to Noho Design District at the Standard Hotel, the work of 12 West Coast designers was on view in the "Hotel California" exhibition. Among the group was Scout Regalia, a multidisciplinary...
Iron Curtain Graphics
The ideological imagery from the height of Communist rule in central and Eastern Europe has become a familiar motif in the west in the decades since its fall. From the illustrations of bourgeois fat cats to the classic "Niet" posters depicting a...
100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design
In the new chronologically ordered book "100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design", Steven Heller and Véronique Vienne explore the most important moments in an industry they themselves helped to define. Part of publisher Laurence King's popular...
On display through 15 April 2012, the exhibition "21&#8212: 21 Years of Cultural Posters" celebrates the more intriguing covers of the quarterly Flemish design magazine Kwintessens since it started in 1992. Almost every issue reflects the vision...
Saul Bass for Anatomy of a Murder
Legendary graphic artist Saul Bass has created logos for some of the biggest brands—Girl Scouts, Kleenex, US Airways, AT&T—and designed some of the most iconic album covers and movie posters, but it's his movie title sequences he's most...
CH ExtraOrd
Sponsored content: We are well underway on a redesign of Cool Hunting that will bring you an extraordinary new interface to even further elevate the quality of the original content we create. Among the various components of this project is a custom...
Hisham Bharoocha
Sponsored content: Brooklyn-based visual artist and musician Hisham Bharoocha blurs the boundaries of artistic medium, creating multi-sensory anthems that deftly move between a daydream quality of images and sound. The skateboarding scenes in...
Tiger Translate Beijing: Double Vision
Following an event in Hanoi earlier this year, Tiger Beer brought its free art and music series, Tiger Translate, to Beijing. The most recent installment brought together artists from East and West to collaborate on the theme of the metropolis. This...
Commandments as legendary as the man who created them, Dieter Rams' ten principles of "good design" provide an essential guide for any creative seeking to produce high-quality work. In an effort to visualize the enduring concepts beyond the many...