Graphic Novels

101 Artists To Listen To Before You Die
While listicles can sometimes feel like lazy writing, the book "101 Artists to Listen to Before You Die" from Spanish illustrator and music lover Ricardo Cavolo is anything but. Inside, he dedicates two pages to each artist who has had an impact on...
Nina Bunjevac's Graphic Novel Memoir, Fatherland
Following a descent into fanaticism and an ultra-nationalist movement aiming to take down the Communist Yugoslav government, the father of author and illustrator Nina Bunjevic accidentally killed himself while attempting to make a bomb in his own...
Moonhead and the Music Machine
Life's tough enough for a teenage kid in high school, but when you've got a moon for a head, it's even more difficult. Making his debut appearance in Moonhead and the Music Machine from graphic design haven Nobrow Press, protagonist Joey Moonhead has...
This Is...
The new series "This Is..." from Laurence King delves into the lives of artists through text, photographs and illustrations. The project is the brainchild of Scottish art historian Catherine Ingram (who holds a PhD from Trinity College, Oxford and...
Steve Orlando: Undertow
"Comics are a beautiful medium. The combination of visual art and text engages both sides of your brain, causing you to retain more than from a similar story in other mediums," shares writer Steve Orlando. This is certainly true of his latest series...
Climate Changed
Visual learners, rejoice. French artist and journalist Philippe Squarzoni—known for his celebrated non-fiction, graphic novel-style works on politics and human rights—lends his eye and storytelling panache to an extensive work on one of the world...
Snowpiercer: The Escape
The 1982 French sci-fi comic "Le Transperceneige" would have remained in obscurity had film director Bong Joon-Ho not walked into a comic book shop in Seoul and devoured all three volumes in the store. Nobody could blame him. Within the black-and...
Interview: Corinne Maier
Corinne Maier—a French psychoanalyst with a background in economics and international relations from the prestigious Sciences-Po in Paris—also happens to be a best-selling author. Out of the 15 or so already under her belt, her two most...
The Passion of Gengoroh Tagame
In book design, provocation is the name of the game. Intrigue the reader enough to pick up the work and open it—this is a process that Chip Kidd has turned into an art. From David Sedaris' "Naked" to the English-language version of Haruki Murakami...
Get Jiro!
Anthony Bourdain comments on modern foodie culture with an entertaining graphic novel centered around a renegade sushi chef, Jiro, who is caught between two opposing gastronomic parties.
The Airship
Bridging futurist design, letterpress technique and augmented reality, "The Airship" is a new graphic novel from Todd Thyberg. The writer, illustrator and publisher is also the founder of Angel Bomb Design + Letterpress, and has put his array of...
Gonzo: A Graphic Biography of Hunter S. Thompson
Illustrator Anthony Hope-Smith adds graphic appeal to Will Bingley's captivating look at the legendary American writer Hunter S. Thompson and his notorious Gonzo style.
My New New York Diary: A Film-Book
Highly charming and intensely creative, "My New New York Diary: A Film-Book" by graphic artist Julie Doucet and director Michel Gondry merges graphic novel with cinematic storytelling. The book comes packaged with a DVD, and both are a necessary...
adicolor Berlin
Artists Cey Adams, Raymond Choy (Toy2R), Fafi, and Dark Horse Comics will be in Berlin this weekend as part of the adicolor studio opening tomorrow, 28 January from 9pm-1am at Tucholskystrasse 6 in the Mitte district. Timed to coincide with Bread...
First & Fifteenth
I love First & Fifteenth, a graphic novel by Steve Powers aka ESPO. I am tempted to tear out the pages and put them on my walls. But I love the stories too much. This book is done in an unique style of comic communication sans voice bubbles...