Interview: Graham Dunning and the Mechanical Techno Machine
Multiple layers of modified records rotate on the turntable. Some of the vinyl has been sliced and bent, while others have little nuts and bolts drilled in or are covered in stickers to blank out certain sections. A ring stand—normally used to clamp...
While developing a trip-planning support app called Tripovore, Paris-based designer and developer Benjamin Netter (winner of 2011's Foursquare Hackathon) discovered that "pictures from Instagram give you a much better taste of travel locations than...
Wordless Web
The endless stream of information available on the web can easily get clogged with an overload of messaging. To simplify your daily surfing sessions, former Google Creative Lab Creative Director Ji Lee—with the coding help of Cory Forsyth...
Ding 3000: Pimp my Billy
Three young designers from Germany, taking issue with Ikea's rather bland Billy shelving units, reinvented the furniture in a series of designs that repurpose the unit. Called Pimp my Billy, the collection of design interventions cheers up a cheap...
Eight Favorite iPhone Applications
While Apple will not condone installing third-party applications on an iPhone, we're totally game. The process for doing this has gotten easier and easier, but is still not for the faint-of-heart. And with their recent announcement that there...