Health Food

Mint Matcha
As matcha enthusiasts, we're certainly partial to a traditionally brewed green tea, but understand that there isn't always time for the full ceremony. Of all the bottled iterations we've tried, there's no doubt that MatchaBar's mint matcha is our favorite...
Salad for President: A Cookbook Inspired by Artists
After years developing and sharing a sensory collaboration unlike any other, author and artist Julia Sherman has reshaped her famed Salad for President blog into book form. "Salad for President: A Cookbook Inspired by Artists" incorporates a little...
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Having won plenty of New York International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition awards (and others around the globe) Australia's Cobram Estate olive oil is one of the few brands that is genuinely extra virgin. Since it's a high-quality olive oil, the...
Bad Seed's Chili Granola
by Jenny Miller Occasionally an idea comes along that's so good it seems astounding nobody's thought of it before. This just happens to be the case with Chili Granola, a new product from Brooklyn-based company Bad Seed—a joint endeavor helmed by...
Chimpanzee Bars
In the world of energy bars, the use of all-natural ingredients has become commonplace. While it's a largely positive shift for a host of reasons, the use of those ingredients doesn't necessarily result in a healthy product and can umbrella some...
Doisy & Dam Chocolate
It doesn't take much to convince us to eat more chocolate, but London's Doisy & Dam have taken the already heart-healthy treat and chocked it full of some of the most powerful superfoods on the planet. Starting out with a 74% organic dark chocolate...
Brooklyn's Cold-Pressed Pitanga Juices
The juice craze doesn't seem to be fading any time soon—and one new business that caught our eye in particular is Pitanga Juices, which offers cold-pressed juices with some unusual ingredients. After founder Raquel Furtado was diagnosed with a thyroid...
Bearded Brothers
Beards are (or, at least, were) often associated with wisdom. While the scientific jury may be out on this one, the facial hair-donning fraternal partnership at Austin's Bearded Brothers might lend a little weight to the adage. The duo creates natural...