Interview: Hennessy's Former Master Blender Yann Fillioux
by Elva Ramirez In the spirits world, there are master blenders and then there is Yann Fillioux, who has been with cognac powerhouse Hennessy for 50 years. On his first day of work (3 October 1966) he was just 19 years old. A seventh-generation...
In the Heart of Cognac, Hennessy
When was the last time you had cognac? We ask this because, as with many other brown spirits, cognac consumption is on the rise in America. Perhaps it was in a classic cocktail—a Sidecar or a Sazerac or even an Alexander. Maybe one was savoring it...
Interview: Artist Ryan McGinness on Designing for Hennessy
Despite the fact that he works across multiple artistic mediums, it's very easy to discern the work of NYC-based artist Ryan McGinness. In addition to his iconic symbol-driven body of work, his experimental Instagram and the depths of his oftentimes...
Hennessy Black Brunch Martini
While Hennessy might be a recognizable brand, many of us aren't aware of the cognac's nuances—or remain wary of cognac in general due to a lack of understanding. On a recent summer afternoon, the team at CH learned that Hennessy Black (which launched...
Hennessy Black Flor de Jamaica Cocktail
There's immediate brand recognition when people hear the name Hennessy. For many generations, the brand has been associated with a refined sipping experience. Yet not everybody is aware that Hennessy is a cognac—and that cognac is a region-specific...