Highland Park

Happy Hour Agency's Pop-Up Dining Art
by Kyle Raymond Fitzpatrick At the edge of LA's Highland Park neighborhood, a group called the Happy Hour Agency has attracted a reputation for making good times by creating experiences that combine inventive cocktail-making with a pop art...
Highland Park's Rich New Expression, Dark Origins
Aside from being one of the most reliable single malt makers out there, Highland Park also regularly bolsters their core expression offerings with new releases of masterful scotch whisky. Their latest, Dark Origins, is no different—though it is a...
15 Year Single Malt Scotch Whisky
You'd be hard pressed to find a single malt that's as smooth, light and has just the right amount of peat with such complexity. Aged 15 years in American oak sherry casks for a citrus finish, it's rich for beginners and experts alike, and easily drinkable...
Highland Park Loki
Inspired by the mischievous and mercurial Nordic god, the amber liquid of the newly released Loki seems to capture the unpredictable shape-shifting nature of its namesake. Matured in both Spanish sherry and heavily peated casks, the flavors offer...
Home Sweet Home
Tucked away in LA's fascinating enclave of Highland Park is THIS, an up-and-coming gallery that has been steadily making a name for itself. This month features Home Sweet Home, a six-day exhibit showcasing the work of five young artists riffing on...